Attorneys Take To The Internet To Mock Trump Legal Team


Attorneys in court are particularly adept at going after or attacking, because it is their job. So when the best attorneys in the nation begin to make fun of other attorneys, they feel it where it hurts the most. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, As America’s premiere attorneys pointed out his attorneys were not doing a very good job in his impeachment trial.

Trump’s attorneys argued about Trump’s Ukraine call, how perfect it was. These defense attorneys left their backsides uncovered as they tried to defend the defenseless.

Jay Sekulow appeared slightly nervous as he stood before history. Defense attorney Pat Cipollone was Trump’s second attorney to speak. They did not hide quickly enough to avoid the wrath of the Khann or his fellow attorneys:

Pat Cipollone thinks he made a point by reminding @RepAdamSchiff that “Laurence Tribe” says punishing people for invoking their constitutional rights is dangerous. Of course it is! But Article 2 does nothing of the sort. Cipollone’s argument was pathetic.’

‘Cipollone’s response to Schiff sounds like it was written by the president & then cleaned up. Still weak. And contrary to the facts.’

‘Cippolone invokes John Bolton’s name. Puhleeeeze. What an asshat. Cippollone says issuing a lawful subpoena is a “threat.”‘

‘Dear media: You need to name this for what it is: a lie. These are the White House Counsel’s prepared remarks. Mr. Cipollone knows his statement here is completely false.’

‘Sekulow is now referencing the Supreme Court decision in 1973. I think he said Russell. Not sure why this would apply. This is an entrapment case that was later upheld in Jacobson in 1992’

Very misleading argument that Dems NEED evidence. The Congress should WANT all the evidence. And Dems must push for it because GOP has refused to acknowledge Trump, Giuliani admissions & multpile witnesses adding to the evidemce & more keeps coming. #ImpeachmentTrial’

‘Sekulow is outraged at the notion that there’s “no role for the courts” in determining matters of executive privilege btw WH and Congress. He should have a talk with the president’s DOJ defenders in the McGahn case, who took that exact position before the DC Circuit.’

.@RepAdamSchiff’s opening was magnificent. If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to find it and listen to it. It made me proud not just as his teacher, mentor, and friend but as a lawyer, a professor, and, above all, as an American.’

‘Other big probs w Trump claiming executive privilege (in addition to it not being available for impeachment+Trump’s waiver) Trump says he was fighting corruption in Ukraine. What is privileged about that? And if it were privileged, then why use Rudy Giuliani for it?He’s not govt’

‘Cipollone focuses on “a phone call” to avoid talking about the months-long conspiracy to extort election interference and coverup.’

Terrific live-tweet here by my good friend  @jentaub’

‘I wonder how the Chief Justice is feeling at this point? Wise move by Senate Republicans to make sure we could not see his face.’

‘Cipollone manufactures due process violations. He argues that Trump was entitled to cross-examine witnesses during investigation. That is not true in a criminal case. Right to cross-examine comes at trial. Cynical sleight of hand designed to confuse.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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