Fox News Viewers Turn Dramatically Against Donald Trump


The senators sat naked of their phones through almost all of the Democrats’ allotted 24 hours, but they passive-aggressively rebelled. The stood up and walked around. There was one a paper airplane, and plenty of disrespect. Their voters cared, though.

Even the latest Fox News audience wanted the senators to convict and remove Donald Trump from office by a 50 to 44 percent margin, according to the Fox poll. The numbers for the Democrats were even higher. Eight-one percent wanted him removed. For the independents, they said they wanted POTUS removed 53 to 34 percent.

President Bill Clinton was on trial for his impeachment exactly 20 years ago, January 1999. Just 38 percent of voters wanted the Senate to take him out of office. A full 65 percent believed that Clinton was doing a good job in his role as president.

This week, a razor-thin margin of voters, 48 percent to 44 percent, believed that the senators needed the witnesses to testify in order to make their decision on Trump’s impeachment.

When asked about how the president was handling the economy, Fox’s voters gave him a score of 56 percent. When factored into all the questions about the economy, the poll indicated he was underwater. Conversely, a full 50 percent of these voters wanted him out of office.

Factors that entered into the viewers’ minds were the president’s character and health care, which mattered more than his economy numbers. They remembered the 2018 major failure when POTUS tried to run on the economy. They lost the House with embarrassingly high numbers.

It appeared, Fox voters wanted to invalidate the 2016 presidential choice and send Trump “on a permanent golf vacation at his own expense.”

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