Hillary Publicly Shames Trump With Weekend Tweet & Goes Viral Fast


Former Secretary Hillary Clinton wrote a book, appeared on talk shows, and gave speeches trying to scrub off all the pungent scum Donald Trump blasted on her.  Yer, she and Trump have something in common. They have both hung onto their grievances. So what has the former first lady been doing now?

She has a succinct tweet about Trump’s run as president, after the Russian-inspired attack on the 2016 election process. Unlike most other candidates, she has not faded into the shadows silently.

Clinton sent out this tweet noting that POTUS used his collected power to “drop lawsuits” and personally directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to “investigate anyone he wants:”

‘In the last 24 hours, the American president has: 1. Corruptly pressured a governor to drop lawsuits against him to reverse a punitive policy change 2. Claimed the power to personally direct the Justice Department to investigate anyone he wants Our democracy is in crisis.’

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She had any number of reasons to be concerned about the DOJ going after her. Only in banana republics, do political winners attack opponents after their election. Plus, she has been one of many warning that “Our democracy is in crisis.” It is.

When there has been no rule of law, other governments have slipped over the edge of democracy and fallen into dictatorships. People know that Trump has had authoritarian leanings, practically since he took office.

POTUS admired and trusted many of them, especially Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump took Putin’s advice over the advice of his own FBI and CIA. Now, people should be taking action against the U.S. president at the ballot box, in rallies, and by just seeking other people with ideas similar to theirs. The time to act is now.

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