Conway Suffers Public Humiliation During Fox News Sunday Appearance


This weekend, Kellyanne Conway made one of her ventures outside of the White House for another round of performative meltdowns on Fox News Sunday. There was nowhere that she appeared unwilling to go for the president. At one point, she even compared then-President Barack Obama’s support of justice in a case of police brutality to Trump’s public intervention in his pal Roger Stone’s federal criminal case! Besides those gross arguments, she also consistently evaded even the most basic questioning from host Chris Wallace, who spent minutes trying to get her to answer the simple question of whether the president thinks that former FBI official Andrew McCabe should be prosecuted.

The ramifications of a yes answer to that question entail, of course, the president seeking to turn the machine of government against his political enemies. Just recently, the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office closed their investigation of McCabe over his alleged mistaken representations to investigators about department leaks to the media, and Trump has been complaining, again.

Wallace asked:

‘Does the president think the McCabe case should be reopened and he should be prosecuted?’

Conway did not answer the question. Instead, she launched into the hilariously hypocritical tirade:

‘The president appreciates the fact that this Department of Justice and Attorney General Barr works on any number of issues with this White House that doesn’t get any kind of coverage: sanctuary cities… trafficking… this is small potatoes… he will always be seen as a serial liar and a leaker as will those who covered for him.’

Conway works full time for President Serial Liar himself. She’s not exactly in a position to project self-righteousness here.

Eventually, Wallace got Conway to answer:

‘The president thinks that Andy McCabe should have been punished because he lied, and he lied several times to the investigators, and many people feel the same way.’


Wallace also addressed the broader issue of the president’s consistent work to intervene in federal criminal cases against his pals like Roger Stone, who he publicly advocated for a lower sentencing recommendation for right before one was announced from the Justice Department.

Conway insisted, in reference to a tweet in which Trump asserted his supposed possible power:

‘Article 2 provides our president — yes ladies and gentlemen, including President Trump — with vast powers, and the president is making the point, and the attorney general is backing him up on this, that he’s not asked the attorney general to intervene in any criminal case. I know people are trying to bully Bill Barr out of his job — like Elizabeth Warren, whose campaign is dwindling: she’s practically disappearing as a viable candidate, so she’s got to pick on Bill Barr. She’s not going to be bullied by people like Elizabeth Warren.’

The notion that Warren’s letter asking Barr to resign because of his deference to Trump is “bullying” is absurdly ludicrous — and wildly hypocritical, considering Conway works for the bully-in-chief.

After the above, she tried to compare Roger Stone to a victim of police brutality. She railed:

‘It’s not correct to say that presidents have not interfered. Bill Clinton pardoned a relative… President Obama spoke up in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. President George H.W. Bush, Bush 41, I think commented on the case in LA, probably the Rodney King case — it’s disingenuous to say that presidents don’t comment on criminal matters.’


Normally they’re on the victims’ side, Kellyanne! Normally they’re not standing in the corner murmuring about how the whole system should be thrown out! That’s the point.