Michelle Obama Returns With Heart Warming Message For America


What exactly has First Lady Melania Trump done? Does anyone know? Her anti-bullying initiative hasn’t exactly gone anywhere — besides, the original materials that she released with it were just copies of Obama-era documents, and she’s not exactly well-equipped to promote the “Be Best” initiative while she’s married to President Cyberbully. This week, former First Lady Michelle Obama shared a heartwarming message on Twitter that reminded Americans of the kind of person they could have in and around the White House.

The Twitter post honored the family pets. The Trumps don’t even have a pet! That’s a rarity among presidents, but so is so much else about the Trumps’ time in the White House.

Alongside a photo of the family dogs, whose names are Bo and Sunny, Michelle wrote:

‘With these two, every day is #LoveYourPetDay’

In the time since they left office, the Obamas have kept up public work, ranging from producing work for Netflix to Get Out The Vote campaigns that Michelle in particular helped launch ahead of the 2018 midterm elections and is keeping going strong as the 2020 general election approaches. Some have talked about Michelle herself running for president, but she’s insisted that she’s not interested.

During her own time at the White House, she worked for causes like public health and nutrition, which she supported with policies like school lunch regulations. Just last month, the Trump administration’s Department of Agriculture proposed new rules lowering the required level of vegetables and raising the allowed level of starches like pizza in those lunches — because of course they did.

Check out Twitter’s response to Obama…