Trump Refuses To Limit Rallies During COVID-19 Pandemic


Will Donald Trump give up his lifeblood, his political rallies? For that matter, will the Democratic presidential candidates give up theirs? In a recent poll, only 50 percent of voters thought that COVID-19 aka coronavirus would come to their state.

That is a wrong-headed belief. This virulent virus sees no boundaries. Two weeks ago, Italy had about the same number of infected people as the U.S. has today. They have completely closed down all businesses except for those selling food or prescription drugs.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Vice President Joe Biden (D) scheduled their upcoming debate without an audience. Trump said he was leaning toward canceling his upcoming rallies, but that was as far as he would go.

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During a meeting with the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Trump said:

‘We have a big one in Tampa, all sold out, we had over 100,000 requests for tickets, but I think we’ll probably not do it because people would say it’s better to not do. We need a little separation until such time as this goes away. It’s going to go away.’

Trump’s campaign has not formally announced the March 25 in Tampa, Florida rally, but he has been planning on it:

‘We’ll be making a decision at the appropriate time. I’m not going to do it if I think it’s going to be negative at all.’

The best way to keep his coronavirus numbers low have been to limit the number of tests. Unfortunately, that keeps the scientists and physicians from being able to keep the real numbers as low as possible. They have been hoping to flat-line the numbers, thus not overwhelm the nation’s medical care system.

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So far, a minimum of 37 people have died from the coronavirus.ease in the U.S., but until the U.S. begins testing in numbers similar to those of South Korea, they are handicapped. The bottleneck has been the red tape for requesting tests and making test equipment available.

There are 100 testing machines sitting idle waiting for the FDA to certify them. They are certified to perform other tests.

Trump has done a 180  degree;lklmvv-turn from his fantasy that the coronavirus is no worse than the flu, handshakes are fine, and the stock market will return quickly. Wednesday night the president appeared in the Oval Office and warned people.

He did not say anything about handshakes, but he did say that he was going to halt most air traffic from the European Union. He also gave an exception to great Britain and Ireland. He urged people to avoid large groups.

This weekend, Trump had trips planned for Nevado and Colorado. The reelection campaign canceled these fundraisers. In addition, he canceled a Catholics for Trump campaign event this coming week:

‘Vice President Pence told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that any decisions to suspend campaign activities would be made “literally on a day-to-day basis.”’

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