COVID-19 Deaths Peak In Kentucky After Protests


Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced during a media briefing Sunday at the state Capitol in Frankfort, KY. He was updating people on the coronavirus numbers in his state.

Kentucky has 273 new cases of COVID-19. That is the greatest number of new cases in the state. so far. The total of cases is 2,960. As a result, Kentucky will have to retain its restrictions at least for the next 14 days, according to

In addition, the governor announced another four deaths. That brings Kentucky’s death rate to 148. Beshear said that a minimum of 1,122 people who have caught the disease and recovered from their illness.

During his briefing, Beshear had seven benchmarks about how he will go about opening Kentucky’s businesses in the first phase.

‘We’re not in the 14 days of decreasing under the White House guidelines to do certain things. We’re still in the midst of the fight.’

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The highest rate of coronavirus cases reported in Kentucky, 13 percent,  have come from nursing homes. In addition, 33 more nursing home residents tested positive for the virus, and eight other nursing home staff also tested positive. As of Sunday, 49 nursing home residents have died from coronavirus in the state, which is 33 percent of all deaths.

Beshear explained that there are false negatives after an individual is tested “too early.”

‘This is one of the things with this virus, people can have a test, the test is too early even after they have been exposed, but test negative.’

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The Cumberland Valley District Health Department said that there were 13 more cases in Jackson County. Between 12 and 13 cases came from the Signature Healthcare at Jackson Manor nursing home. The reason the number changed was due to the false negative virus tests.

Kentucky’s Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said that people can test negative and display no symptoms due to a poor test kit sample. Dr. Stack said Kentucky has been attempting to get more accurate test kits and test samples.

Beshear said Kentucky a nursing home being able to open A COVID wing.” That way, those with symptoms would be isolated.

With spring arriving, people are beginning to have cabin fever, and they are eager to go back to work for that paycheck. Two protests in Kentucky addressed the state’s restriction. Over 100 people were in the first and the second one was a drive-through protest.

According to Stack, Kentucky will probably begin loosening. up those restrictions by May 1. The rate of Kentucky’s new cases has remained flat recently. However, there has not been a decline, which would be one of the indicators the state could reopen any businesses.

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The governor said that even if the number of cases should decline, Kentucky would still need to draw up testing increases along with PPE (personal protective equipment.) He said that people should wear cloth masks in public after the restrictions are less until the virus vaccine or treatment is found. Even so, many will have to wear gloves and masks to work.

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