New Campaign Numbers Have Trump’s Head Spinning


Donald Trump is more-or-less confined to his White House, although he did escape for a quick trip to Camp David. Florida businesses have slowly begun to open, but will people want to risk a trip to Mar-a-Lago when Florida has not opened theme parks and related hotels, as ABC affiliate WFTV-9 reported. When the president refuses to wear a mask, which is hitting him hard in the wallet.

Coronavirus is in the White House. Newly-married top Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s wife was diagnosed with it. The president’s valet, a military man who serves the president including bringing him his meals, was confirmed with coronavirus. Yet, POTUS has been making fun of former Vice President Joe Biden for operating out of his basement.

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Does Trump even know that Reuters reported that the vice president raised three times the amount that he raised for March? Reuters continued:

‘Biden’s campaign said on Monday it took in $46.7 million last month despite the coronavirus health crisis that has disrupted fundraising for U.S. politicians and hit donor finances.’

Even operating out of his basement, Biden raised $13.6 million while the president’s haul has been in decline. The sitting president does have a substantial war chest, because he has been fundraising from nearly the minute he started serving. That meant he had $98.5 million on hand.

Biden’s campaign bank account began to increase after his top rival Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stepped down and the former VP took the assumed candidate for the Democratic Party.

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Biden has still been holding fundraisers in spite of the coronavirus-effect upon the country. He wrote in an email:

‘We haven’t been able to travel, go door-to-door, or hold public events.’

When Biden began campaigning, his fundraising effort was a struggle. Yet, after South Carolina, he burst through as the front-runner. Democrats have come together, burying their differences, to form a united front against Trump. His rivals, including Sanders, have endorsed him, and “several are helping him with fundraising.”

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The former VP’s campaign has brought in large and small donors. What was striking was that 40 percent of the money he raised in March came from smaller donors, giving under $200.

The world has been evolving around coronavirus, which meant online fundraisers. Pressing the flesh and donor dinners have gone by the wayside. Perhaps, that enforced sheltering-at-home has given people more time to watch the news and appreciate their families. Another impact of coronavirus was the opportunity to look for new ways of campaigning.

Biden asked people to attend an online fundraiser where they donated a maximum of $5,600 per person. He told the people donating to him that President Barak Obama and his former competitors managed to earn $5.25 million in two days for his reelection campaign.

The former VP’s election campaign has been working with the DNC (Democratic National Committee) on a deal to boost fundraising. That would put Biden in a more equal place with the president.

The DNC raised $32.7 million in March. Former presidential candidate, billionaire, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg put $18 million toward that $32.7 million.

The RNC (Republican National Committee) announced it brought in $24 million for March.

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