Ivanka Publicly Shamed After Phony COVID-19 Message Goes Very Wrong


The Trumps have not exactly inspired confidence among Americans amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, but this week, the president’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump pretended like she was in a position to be inspirational to Americans at large. Acting as though the Coronavirus crisis that has killed tens of thousands of Americans is just some kind of crisis of positive thinking, she tweeted glibly this Thursday about the supposed “extraordinary” greatness or whatever that supposedly lies just beyond the challenges presented by the pandemic. In comments across the platform, Ivanka was promptly reminded of her own family’s role in exacerbating the very challenge whose gravity she seems to fail to grasp.

Originally, she tweeted:

‘On the other side of this challenge lies the extraordinary!’

What exactly is that even supposed to mean? The Coronavirus pandemic is not some kind of mundane “challenge.” The Coronavirus pandemic is a crisis which will soon have killed a staggering total of 100,000 Americans and could kill tens of thousands more in the weeks and months ahead, according to sources like the University of Washington.

If her father and the broader administration had worked to stem the virus’s spread in the weeks and months that the president spent dismissing the threat as supposedly irrelevant, the lives of Americans could have been saved. Instead, the U.S. is stuck with a sky-high death toll and a senior presidential adviser who thinks that tweeting nonsense inspirational quotes might be a good plan after all.

Check out Twitter’s response to Ivanka’s nonsense below: