Trump Vs Biden ‘Black Voter’ Poll Has Republicans Clutching Pearls


Heading into November, President Donald Trump has the support of a staggeringly low portion of black American voters, according to new polling data released recently from Quinnipiac University. The data reveals that just three percent of black respondents said that they support Trump — which is basically an average margin of error’s worth of support. Meanwhile, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden earned the support of a full 81 percent of black voters in the same Quinnipiac polling data. That’s an overwhelming lead for the Democrats.

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It’s not as though Trump has shown much care for marginalized communities throughout his time in office. The racist undertones of his endless insistence to “make America great again” aren’t exactly a secret. Photos of everything from Trump rallies to meetings of Trump’s top advisers routinely depict groups of mostly white, mostly male individuals.

In further recent Quinnipiac data like that which revealed Trump’s paltry level of support among black Americans, Biden also secured an impressive overall lead. Overall, he led Trump by 11 percent on the national level, with a full 50 percent of the support compared to just 39 percent for Trump. That trend corresponds with what’s been found elsewhere. Biden routinely leads Trump on both the national level and the level of individual swing states like those in the so-called Rust Belt, like Pennsylvania. These high polling numbers for Biden suggest that high turnout could be key to keeping Trump from re-election this November — and turnout has already been surging for Biden. In the Virginia Democratic presidential primary, which unfolded before the Coronavirus set in, turnout surged to almost twice the level seen in 2016, and Biden won with a huge leading margin.

Amidst the reality closing in, Trump has been getting desperate. This week, he threatened to withhold federal funds for states that expanded their vote-by-mail options for coming elections. His allegations that voting by mail opens the door for very poorly defined “fraud” are baseless, but that didn’t stop the president. He even suggested at one point that voting is an “honor” — but it’s quite literally a right, as clearly defined by the law that Trump seems so ready to ignore.