U.S. Air Force ‘Hero’ Publicly Shames Trump Over Protestor Abuse


Monday night, POTUS  called up the various branches of the police to send tear gas and flash bangs into peaceful Washington D.C. protesters well before the curfew went into effect. He used the president’s church, St. Johns, for his backdrop and a Bible as his prop. That is not courage and strength, but one man risked his career to stand up to Trump and expose the Air Force’s demons.

‘The holder of a Bronze Star medal  is a star in his own right, YouTube showed:

‘Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright, s the 18th chief master sergeant appointed to the highest noncommissioned officer position., announced an “independent review of the services justice system.” Reports indicated that this branch of service “disproportionately punishes young black Screen-Shot-2020-06-02-at-8.25.52-AM U.S. Air Force 'Hero' Publicly Shames Trump Over Protestor Abuse Black Lives Matter Featured Military Politics Top Stories

He spoke to The Air Force Times.

‘[Wright’s] greatest fear is that he will one day wake up to a report that a black airman has been killed by a white police officer.’

Wright responded to Trump’s violence with support for his fellow black men and women:

‘Who am I? I am a Black man who happens to be Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. I am George Floyd…I am Philando Castile, I am Michael Brown, I am Alton Sterling, I am Tamir Rice.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-02-at-8.26.05-AM U.S. Air Force 'Hero' Publicly Shames Trump Over Protestor Abuse Black Lives Matter Featured Military Politics Top Stories

Advocacy group Protect Our Defenders said the Air Force did little to fix the problem, set up a working group to address the issue, and covered up data showing racial disparities:

‘[T]he Air Force’s own demons … include the racial disparities in military justice and discipline among our youngest Black male Airmen and the clear lack of diversity in our senior officer ranks. And …he has been doing “Not enough.’

Wright and 25 others of varying racial diversity both in and out of the service have been brainstorming solutions: He called upon white people “to listen to their black friends and colleagues, and learn what their experience is like.”

Protect Our Defenders released its third report that showed “black airmen at the E-2 grade” had been punished twice as often as the white airmen. It said disparities continued. Wright added:

‘I can only look in the mirror for the solution, I the CMSAF, must do better in ensuring every Airmen in our ranks has a fair chance at becoming the best version of themselves. … I, along with every other leader across the force, am responsible for making sure it becomes a reality.’

He urged people to acknowledge their pain, fear, and anger:

‘But you must then find a way to move beyond the rage and do what you think is right for the country, for your community, for your sons, daughters, friends and colleagues…for every Black man in this country who could end up like George Floyd.’

Screen-Shot-2020-06-02-at-8.26.21-AM U.S. Air Force 'Hero' Publicly Shames Trump Over Protestor Abuse Black Lives Matter Featured Military Politics Top Stories

When Larry Spencer was a young black officer, he came to black senior officers for advice. This is how Wright saw it:

‘You might think you know what it’s like to grow up, exist, survive & even thrive in this country as a Black person. But let me tell you, regardless of how many Black friends you have, how Black your neighborhood was, or if your spouse or in-laws are Black… You don’t know. You don’t know the anxiety, the despair, the heartache, the fear, the rage and the disappointment that comes with living in this country, OUR country every single day.’

Wright urged individuals to protest peacefully, vote, and work to change their neighborhoods:

 ‘We are in this for the long haul. … We need all hands on deck.”e in this for the long haul. … We need all hands on deck.’

He continued saying “it could happen to you or one of your friends or your airmen” and many others:

‘What happens all too often in this country to Black men who are subjected to police brutality that ends in death…could happen to me. As shocking as that may sound to some of you, I hope you realize that racism/discrimination/exclusion does not care much about position, titles or stature…. so yes, it could happen to you, or one of your friends, or your Airmen, or your [non-commissioned officer in charge], your Flight Chief, your Squadron Commander or even your Wing Commander.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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