Latest Fox News ‘Swing State’ Poll Results Have Republicans Shook


President Donald Trump is heading for a loss this November, according to the vast majority of polls including a new selection of Fox News polls from states including Wisconsin, Arizona, and Ohio. In each one of those states — all of which Trump won in 2016 — presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads Trump by substantial margins. Some of the swings away from Trump are dramatic — he won Ohio by a margin of eight percent in 2016, but now, Biden leads by two percent there in the new Fox News polling, which constitutes a ten percent swing away from the president.

Biden got 45 percent of the support in the state of Ohio, and Trump got 43 percent. In Wisconsin, Biden secured 49 percent of the support while Trump only managed 40 percent, and in Arizona, Biden had 46 percent of the support compared to 42 percent for Trump.

In Arizona in particular, there’s already a significant trove of other data indicating the good place that state Democrats are in. Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly routinely leads incumbent Republican Martha McSally by substantial margins in polls that have been conducted measuring support in the race. In the latest Fox News polling, Mark Kelly led McSally by a whopping 13 percent. It’s worth noting — McSally was never elected to her current Senate seat in the first place. She was appointed to serve some of the late John McCain’s final term.

Some of the issues that seem to be driving Biden’s overall success include voters’ apparent trust of his handling of issues including race relations and the Coronavirus pandemic. In Ohio in particular, although Trump led by 11 percent when voters were asked which candidate they trusted to handle the economy, Biden led by a full 13 percent when asked which candidate they trusted to handle race relations. Biden led by 6 percent when voters were asked who they trusted to handle the Coronavirus, and thanks to the concurrently unfolding issues of nationwide protests against police brutality and the Coronavirus pandemic, each one of these fronts seem poised to weigh heavily on voters’ decisions this November.