D.C. Renames Street In Front Of White House & Trump Will Tantrum


President Donald Trump has responded to days of Black Lives Matter protests that have erupted around the country via calling for increased police violence against demonstrators. He’s largely refused to acknowledge the substance of the protests, which are calling for much sharper accountability for continually violent local police forces. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has ensured that Trump won’t be able to escape the Black Lives Matter message any time soon. She has unveiled a new name for a street that is situated in front of the White House; the street will now be called Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Check out video below of a city worker installing the new sign on the street. Applause can be heard in the background:

One observer explained that the renaming was applied to the portion of the street in front of Lafayette Park specifically. That park is right across the street from the White House and has been site for recent protests. The park is where police recently attacked protesters with the apparent purpose of clearing a path for the president to hold a photo op at nearby church without people around. As the president stood outside the White House shortly before that photo op and proclaimed that he was supposedly a supporter of peaceful protesters, actual peaceful protesters just outside the White House grounds — in Lafayette Park — were getting attacked by authorities.

The Trump administration has deployed an array of military and law enforcement personnel into the streets of D.C. At the reported personal demand of President Donald Trump himself, a military helicopter recently conducted a “show of force” in which they flew barely 100 feet or so above demonstrators. The tactic is ordinarily used in war zones against enemy fighters — not on the streets of the nation’s capital against American protesters.

This Friday, Mayor Bowser also issued a public letter requesting that the president orders the removal of the numerous federal security forces from the city. The night before, not a single demonstration-oriented arrest had apparently been reported, but the federal government has maintained numerous forces out in the streets of D.C. anyway — including some who have declined to identify themselves and who have been operating without any visible identification of who they actually are.