Trump Claims George Floyd Looks Down At Him From Heaven During Friday Meltdown


Outside the White House this Friday morning, President Donald Trump held a press conference on the occasion of the release of jobs numbers for the previous month that, while dismal, did not show a decline that was quite as abysmal as some feared. Trump’s press conference about the numbers quickly devolved into what one observer, CNN reporter Daniel Dale, called a “ramble-parade of lies and boasts.” Trump offered remarks that were essentially an unscripted, stream-of-consciousness style rundown of an array of utter nonsense. At one point, he even seemingly suggested that recent police brutality victim George Floyd was looking down from Heaven and happy about the new jobs numbers.

Why haven’t members of the Cabinet invoked the 25th Amendment yet, exactly? Trump is unfit for the presidency.

Discussing Floyd, whose death at the hands of police has set off protests around the country, Trump said:

‘Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing happening for our country. It’s a great day for him, a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality.’

During his remarks, Trump also had a bizarre take about the protests that erupted in the city of Minneapolis after local police officers murdered Floyd. He said that the “great, great city” of “Minnianapolis” was “under siege like nobody’s ever seen, where people are running from a police department, the great police.” He added that the demonstrators “were told to” because they “didn’t wanna run.” It’s unclear who exactly Trump, who sounds increasingly paranoid, alleges “told” the demonstrators to “run from a police department.”

A comparatively small number of rioters did — of their own volition — set fires inside the police precinct where the officers were based who killed George Floyd. If that’s the particular development that Trump has in mind, his incoherent rant does not at all accurately represent the situation.

At other points during his remarks, Trump seemed to reveal what was driving his rants — concern about his political career. Although presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads in almost every single poll on the national level, Trump thinks he’s doing great. He said:

‘The polls that I’ve seen and the polls that we do were looking very good. But if we didn’t have the possibility of having massively higher taxes like the Democrats want to do, and Green New Deals — which are totally ridiculous, frankly. Ridiculous. I’m a big environmentalist. I believe strongly in taking care of our environment. We have the cleanest air we’ve ever had — like over the modern era, which let’s say you go back 30 years. We have the cleanest air, the cleanest water we’ve ever had.’

He also addressed the Coronavirus, dubiously adding:

‘The reason it’s been and is so good is because the body was strong.  Our body was so powerful that we could actually close our country, save millions of lives, stop people very early on, from China, from coming in — because we stopped early… we saved tens of thousands of lives with that decision. So we did a lot of things — and then we really ended up with empty cupboards. We went into a ventilator period the likes of which nobody has seen since the second World War. We mobilized. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it.’

Trump doesn’t sound like he even cares about logical consistency from one sentence to the next. Something can’t be both not seen since the Second World War and never seen, for instance. The incoherence hides the fact that he’s lying — there’s no apparent evidence of his travel restrictions saving tens of thousands of lives amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, for example.