Oklahoma Republicans Turn On Trump Before Rally With Scathing Rebuke


Every political season, attack ads against candidates’ political opponents begin flooding the airwaves. Everyone expects them and everyone has seen one. Some even become notorious, like George H.W. Bush’s racist ad about Willie Horton. But when the attack ads start coming from a politician’s own party, that’s a big sign that the candidate is in serious trouble.

One day prior to Donald Trump’s first political rally in months thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, Oklahoma Republicans spoke in a political attack ad against Trump, calling him dangerous and unable to handle the current crisis, including COVID-19, and calling on GOP voters to elect Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, in 2020.

A former Trump voter named Nancy said in the ad:

‘I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I tried to kind of cross my fingers and hope that we could get through four years without a major crisis. Well, I lost that bet. He’s made it obvious who he really is.’

The ad didn’t spare Republican candidates running to hold on to their congressional seats, either. Those who have been sickeningly loyal to Trump despite their attacks against his views on race and his fitness to serve as president in 2016, such as Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, are called out for their flip-flops in the new ad.

A Republican voter named Carter says in the ad:

‘I think a lot of the Republicans, representatives and senators, are scared of him. I mean, that’s the biggest problem with Trump is he thinks he knows it all, he doesn’t need anybody  to tell him.’

Echoing ads by The Lincoln Project, another group of Republicans against Trump, Carter warns Republicans that “we definitely need to get back to our core beliefs and values.” Nancy’s message is just as strong, saying “Trump is a danger to our country, he’s a danger to our democracy, he needs to go. So I will be voting for Joe Biden.’ While Biden may not share their policy ideology, they believe he is the candidate most likely to not let the country fall apart while in office.

‘I think Biden’s smart enough to surround himself with experts. Anything we can do to try to kind of turn this back to where it belongs.’


Featured image screenshot via YouTube