Mike Pence Caught Extensively Voting By Mail Via Empty House


Donald Trump has been on a rampage, warning his rabid followers on Twitter about the dangers of mail-in voting. He’s made his position known to his fellow Republicans what his stance is on expanding mail-in voting during COVID-19 that he walked right into a Twitter fact-check.

As it turns out, mail-in voting is only dangerous when some people do it. It’s perfectly fine when Trump and his wife vote by mail in Florida from Washington, D.C. during the 2018 elections, or when Jared and Ivanka Trump do the same. Apparently, it’s also okay when Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen, vote by mail in the Indiana primary elections, as well.

Despite Trump’s claims about mail-in voting, the truth, which FEC Chairman Ellen Weintraub explained patiently in a statement, is that mail-in voting has been researched by numerous organizations, not just Trump’s accused “fake media,” and no widespread fraud has ever been found.

‘There’s simply no basis for the conspiracy theory that voting by mail causes fraud. None. @CNN & @washingtonpost fact-checks show this. But many others have examined the issue and arrived at the same conclusion. Still others have provided some key context.’

The truth is that Donald Trump sat for an interview with Fox & Friends when the discussion about mail-in voting during COVID-19 and said specifically that expanded voting hurts Republicans, and that they’d never win if more voters had access to ballots.

‘They had things — levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.’

The truth is that in states like Georgia and Kentucky, votes are being suppressed at the demands of Republican lawmakers. Voters are forced to wait in long lines with other voters while attempting to socially distance and some have waited until the wee hours of the morning to vote. In some red states, polling places are being closed at a rate of as high as 95 percent. None of this is the will of Democratic lawmakers. There’s a reason why, and it isn’t hard to guess.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube