Trump’s New York City Building Fails Basic Hygiene Inspection


Who should people follow to learn about the coronavirus? Well, it is not Donald Trump. The people surrounding him have finally convinced him to endorse wearing masks instead of politicizing them months into the pandemic. Yet, he is still telling Americans that the coronavirus is going to magically disappear.

Wednesday the president gave off this discordant message:

‘[A]t some point t that’s just going to start to disappear.’

There were three hotels in Manhatten caught up in a secret undercover sting. Two of them belonged to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s (D-IL) family. The. third belonged to — wait for it — Donald Trump, his Trump International Hotel. The sting was out to capture those who had not been performing the appropriate cleaning measure during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Inside Edition.

Inside Edition describes itself as an “offbeat” show where people can find:

‘[T]he latest uplifting news, investigations, videos and more.’

TV news magazine Inside Edition had been conducting hidden tests labeled “pseudo-news” by the Pew Research Center. Yet, Eric Trump’s wife Lara worked as a producer for the show from 2012 to 2016.
Inside Edition sent an undercover correspondent to check into a room at Trump’s hotel. The secret string involved printing the shows logo with an invisible spray that disappears when it is washed. The logo was only visible under an ultraviolet light.Screen-Shot-2020-07-01-at-5.16.32-PM Trump's New York City Building Fails Basic Hygiene Inspection Coronavirus Featured Media Politics Top Stories Then, the undercover correspondent used invisible gel to place a handprint on other surfaces in the room. In addition, the show installed “thermostats and remote controls.” After that, he mussed the bedding so that it looked as if someone had slept in the bed.

Immediately after, the undercover correspondent was to rebook the same room for the next night using a fake identity. Part of the Trump International Hotel welcome included  a Personal Protective “welcome kit.”

The hotel did change the sheets but not the pillowcase, meaning it had not been washed. The show’s logo was still visible under the ultraviolet light. The TV reporter also discovered that the remote control had not been cleaned either. Then, the correspondent revealed what he had found to the hotel.

A spokesperson for the hotel claimed that the program made it all up as a stunt, according to the Inside Edition website:

‘Following an internal review, we have concluded that the claims made by Inside Edition are categorically false. Trump International Hotel & Tower New York is one of the premier luxury hotels anywhere in the world and has received countless accolades, including the Forbes Five-Star award for the past 13 years, for its consistently impeccable service.’

The show’s investigators also went to The Hyatt Place Times Square. There, the pillowcase had not been washed and the gel was still on the remote when it went under the ultraviolet light.

The Hyatt’s spokesperson said the company was:

‘[D]eeply concerned about the situation described, as it is not representative of Hyatt’s rigorous and enhanced cleaning protocols that have been deployed globally due to COVID-19.’

Governor Pritzker was embarrassed, especially because he had been criticizing Donald Trump for not providing the supplies Illinois required to keep the coronavirus pandemic under control. The governor was forced to buy millions of masks and gloves from a company in China. He had carried out his own undercover operation, secretly buying them:

‘[B]ecause we’ve heard reports of Trump trying to take PPE in China and when it gets to the United States.’

The city’s Health Department found that  New York City tested for coronavirus and over 212,000 people had the disease. Of those individuals, 23,000-plus residents died from COVID-19.

Some of those experts blame the right-wing political party’s pressure to open up in the false belief that would improve the economy. In actuality, that merely allowed the pandemic to embed itself deeper within the nation’s population. The European Union has refused to allow Americans to come into any of its countries, because the coronavirus has been out of control.
Naturally, people wanted to socialize after so many weeks of social distancing and being tied to their homes. The White House’s lack of leadership and politicizing wearing masks and social distancing shared the blame for the spikes.

Co-founder of The Lincoln Project Steve Schmidt warned the public about the sitting president:

‘The country’s in a lot of trouble with Donald Trump. He is a delusional cult leader. Fewer and fewer Americans follow him.’ 

The White House released an ironic tweet thanking the hotels around the country for proving health care workers and first responders rooms while they fought the worst of the pandemic:

Thank you to hotels around the country for providing healthcare workers and first responders a place to stay while they’re on the front lines of the pandemic.’

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