WaPost Obtains Copy Of Mary Trump Book That Devastates Donald


The memoir from President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, will soon be released. Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, moved the release date to July 14, which is two weeks earlier than the previously set date. Ahead of the release of the book, which is called Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, The Washington Post has obtained a copy of the book and revealed some of the Trump family secrets that Mary has included in the book. Besides her role in the family as the daughter of Donald’s brother, Fred Jr., Mary is also a licensed clinical psychologist, and in the book, she writes that Fred Trump Sr. — Donald’s father — “destroyed” the eventual president via thwarting his “ability to develop and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion.”

According to Mary Trump, Donald fashioned himself in a way to “avoid his father’s disapproval,” as the Post summarizes.

According to Mary, Fred Sr. was particularly harsh on her own father, Fred Jr., and as his younger brother, Donald observed this behavior and behaved in a way to avoid similar disapproval. Mary writes that Donald’s “personality served his father’s purpose,” adding:

‘By limiting Donald’s access to his own feelings and rendering many of them unacceptable, Fred perverted his son’s perception of the world and damaged his ability to live in it… [For Donald], lying was primarily a mode of self-aggrandizement meant to convince other people he was better than he actually was.’

Donald has become infamous for lying while president, and, as Mary explained, Donald shaped his behavior based in part on his father’s reactions to Fred Jr., otherwise known as Freddy. As Mary put it:

‘Fred [Sr.] hated it when his oldest son screwed up or failed to intuit what was required of him, but he hated it even more then, after being taken to task, Freddy [Fred Jr.] apologized. ‘Sorry, Dad.’.. [Fred Sr.] would mock him. Fred wanted his oldest son to be a ‘killer.’.. [Donald] had plenty of time to learn from watching Fred humiliate [Fred Jr.]… The lesson he learned, at its simplest, was that it was wrong to be like Freddy: Fred didn’t respect his oldest son, so neither would Donald.’

Donald didn’t stop with trying to avoid his father’s scorn, according to Mary Trump. Donald also “delighted in tormenting his younger brother Robert, whom he perceived as weaker,” Mary writes. Robert attempted recently to get a court to block the publication of Mary’s book on account of a nondisclosure agreement that she signed in connection to family disputes some time ago. Mary is currently barred from public comment by a temporary restraining order that was issued in the case, but the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court ruled recently that her book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, was not bound by the same terms, helping clear the way for the book’s publication.

Mary’s book is one of many that have come out revealing some of the secretive inner workings of Trump World. Another recent book that emerged revealing Trump secrets was the memoir of Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton.