Another Top Trump Staffer Unexpectedly Resigns


Donald Trump may have been able to convince his supporters that he will “drain the swamp” as president – a phrase that once meant getting big money out of politics but now seems to mean only drumming up fake investigations against political rivals – but the truth is, he’s done nothing more than restock that swamp. From hiring corporate oil executives to serve as secretary of state to making his wealthy donors ambassadors to countries he’d like to extort, Trump has made the swamp the most popular place on earth for corporate lobbyists and those wishing to influence American politics with big, big money.

Picture this: a man appointed to the legislative affairs office, who of course once served as a GOP lobbyist, admitted to receiving intelligence from the White House to pass onto to his corporate clients, some of whom are members of the Chinese government. POLITICO finds this out and asks questions of the White House as to why the man is doing so. The White House insists that nothing “nefarious” is going on and, by the next morning, the man is fired.

None of that looks suspicious, right?

According to POLITICO:

‘On two occasions over the last few days, Chris Cox — who runs House outreach for the White House legislative affairs office — suggested to colleagues he was doing errands and collecting political intelligence for lobbyist friends on K Street. Cox told colleagues in the White House that he was seeking information on the executive orders that President Donald Trump was readying to issue so he could brief people downtown — in other words, suggesting he wanted to give lobbyists a sneak peek.’

Cox working as a lobbyist inside the White House is unprecedented, just like many of the explosive revelations regarding Trump’s presidency have proven to be. The man lasted less than four months in his position, a record that may have only been previously topped by the four-day long tenure of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.

‘Cox’s job is primarily to help execute the administration’s priorities on Capitol Hill. He worked in the legislative affairs shop during George W. Bush’s administration. Prior to joining the White House in March, Cox himself was a lobbyist.’

Cox has plenty of company outside the White House, although it’s not exactly good company. After all, several of Trump’s insider buddies are currently serving prison sentences and nearly all have been trashed on Twitter after leaving and daring to speak the truth about the most corrupt presidential administration in history.

‘It was noticeable to many people at all levels of the White House that he was openly collecting political intelligence for corporate special interests and lobbyists on K Street from deep inside the sanctum of the White House.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube