Informant Leaks New Trump Admin Whistle-Blower Scandal


Who is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo? The California native graduated from West Point and served in the Army. Pompeo was a tank platoon leader, cavalry troop executive, and squadron maintenance officer. He only moved to Kansas to buy a business, then entered politics as a representative, according to the White House. Yet, above all these accomplishments he is something more.

The Secretary may have hitched his wagon to the wrong star. Trump has not been doing well, and those around him tend to have felonious inclinations. There is a tight circle of men around the president: Attorney General William Barr, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Pompeo.

Pompeo moved from the House of representatives to head up the CIA under the Donald Trump administration. Soon, he was Secretary of State. It becomes more apparent that who Mike Pomep is — deadly ambitious. A number of people have said that he has his eye on Trump’s job.

The Army tank platoon leader had to respond to House questions about why Trump fired the State Department Inspector General (IG) Steve Linick upon Pompeo’s recommendation.  Why did they fire the IG? Linick was investigating Pompeo.

The whistleblower wrote, according to McClatchy:

‘I directly witnessed much of the behavior. Others, the complaint states, “tried on several occasions to obtain clarifications and guidance from senior leadership in [the executive secretariat] and from the Office of Legal Advisors, but were blocked from doing so.’

A State Department whistleblower filed the complaint, according to McClatchy. It seems that eyewitnesses repeatedly tried to let the White House and legal advisors know about Pompeo’s “questionable activities.” All to no avail.

This whistleblower indicated that there was additional evidence to back their accusations. People had filed a redacted complaint to the State Department inspector general hotline. They reported that their complaints were “blocked” from reaching the State Department’s Legal Affairs.

In addition, the whistleblower wrote that several individuals had their names redacted due to the ongoing investigation:

‘[They] were made aware of these concerns on repeated occasions. To my knowledge, none of them ever took action to resolve the issues, and several of them specifically directed subordinate staff to continue facilitating questionable activities after the concerns were raised.’

Pompeo blew off the investigation as just retaliation:

‘It’s all just crazy.’

Executive Director of American Oversight Austin Evers said:

‘In some ways, this is good news, because there’s some indication now that the inspector general’s office has not backed off of investigating the secretary’s conduct. But in other ways, there’s much we still don’t know about that conduct.’

Linick testified before Congress last month. He confirmed that his office was probing Pompeo and his wife Susan. The couple had been doing personal business on the government’s dime. In addition, there were questions about his part in the dark arms sales to his boss’ buddies, the Saudis. This last investigation was started before the inspector general was fired in mid-May.

While Linick could not go into detail about the investigation. He did say that the Pompeo’s personal errands are at issue. The inspector general also faced strong pressure from Pompeo’s aides to end the investigation:

‘I think the Florida datapoint is incredibly interesting. There were reports that the secretary made a visit to the Villages in Florida to meet with a high-powered Republican donor.’

The whistleblower wrote that several people’s names were redacted because of the ongoing inquiry. These individuals indicated they witnessed questionable activities in Florida, Washington DC, and offshore.

In May, McClatchy initially reported there were a number of reports filed on the IG’s hotline regarding Pompeo and one of his top aides from his representative days, Toni Porter.

Twitter world just blew up. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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