New Trump Vs Biden ‘Red State’ Poll Shows Historic 7-Point Surge


Donald Trump is getting desperate. He has sent armed troops into major cities with Democratic mayors supposedly for crowd control. The clips show flash-bang grenades and pepper balls shot into mothers protecting Americans’ freedom. These militia strike grandparents and veterans alike. A new vital state poll shows how Americans feel about Trump’s Troops.

In the new NBC News-Marist Poll presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads POTUS by seven points in North Carolina. That was supposed to be an easy take for Trump, after all, he carried in in 2016. Now, the has become the epicenter for the Biden-Trump election.

Donald Trump has three areas of malfunction: race relations, the coronavirus pandemic, and the tanking economy.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped like a rock whereas he overtook Secretary Hillary Clinton by three points in the last presidential election.  Among North Carolinians, 41 percent approve of the president’s job performance, 55 disapprove in a decline of 11 points over the past quarter.

A full 51 percent of registered voters would back Biden in 2020, and 44 percent would go for Trump. Independents were Biden’s along with Black voters, and women:

‘In a head-to-head contest, Biden leads among independents (49 percent to 41 percent), Black voters (86 percent to 8 percent), women (58 percent to 37 percent) and voters who dislike both major candidates (52 percent to 27 percent).’

Director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion Lee Miringoff said:

‘Biden is in good shape in North Carolina as long as the coronavirus or race relations is top of mind. His downside is if focus shifts to the economy, where Trump has the advantage.’

Trump still leads among white voters and men:

‘Trump maintains an advantage among white voters (54 percent to 42 percent), men (52 percent to 43 percent) and white voters without college degrees (69 percent to 28 percent).’

The national polls all reflect POTUS’ core voters:

‘Mirroring national polls, Trump also has an edge in the intensity of his support. Seventy-five percent of Trump voters in North Carolina say they strongly support him, while 64 percent of Biden voters say the same about their candidate.’

On the virus, Trump took 34 percent against Biden’s 51 percent on who could best handle the pandemic:

‘Overall, about half of voters in North Carolina — 48 percent — say the pandemic is getting worse in the state. Just 14 percent say it is getting better, while 36 percent say it is staying about the same. The share who say the pandemic is getting worse includes 66 percent of Biden voters but just 28 percent of Trump voters.’

Trump still did well on the economy. Fifty-two percent selected him over Biden’s 39 percent in North Carolina.

The NBC News-Marist Poll was from a random sampling of 1,087 voting-age North Carolinians and 882 of the state’s registered voters. It took place between July 14 and July 22. The margin of error was 3.7 +/- percentage points.

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