Trump Has Literally Delusional Poll Result Meltdown During Pres Conference


Sometimes it’s impossible to know whether Donald Trump knows he’s lying and is just hoping his supporters aren’t smart enough to catch him or if he actually believes his own lies. With dismal poll numbers showing Biden ahead in some estimations by as much as 15 points. On average across polls, Trump is losing by more than nine points.

At a press conference on the coronavirus, Trump was asked by a reporter about his falling poll numbers, which have continued to decline as COVID-19 surges across states. Trump, who seemed blissfully unaware of what his real numbers are, spoke positively about his poll numbers just 99 days ahead of the elections.

‘I think the polls numbers are very good. The poll numbers we have are very good. We’re leading in North Carolina, we’re leading in Pennsylvania, we’re leading in Arizona, our numbers, we’re leading in Arizona, we’re leading nicely in Florida. I think our poll numbers are very good.’

Completely ignoring the fact that literally every major poll shows him losing by a wide margin, Trump insisted that those are just “fake suppression polls,” just as he claimed in 2016. Although those polls showed him losing to Hillary Clinton and were wrong about the results, they were accurate as far as popular vote numbers. For Biden, however, his lead in swing states is far higher and his lead has reached levels that Clinton’s never did.

‘I mean, we get a lot of suppression polls. We get a lot of fake polls, just like we have fake news, it’s a terrible thing.’

Trump somehow tried to explain his logic that his poll numbers are great by saying that boats in Florida and in other states are flying Trump/Pence flags and bikers like him.

‘When you look at Florida as an example, you have thousands of boats out on the ocean, out on the intercoastal. You look at other states, where likewise, you have thousands of boats and they’re all waving the Trump sign, the Trump/Pence sign, and they’re so proud…Thousands and thousands and you’ve seen it, where you have Bikers for Trump with lines that are miles long on highways.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube