Latest Maine Polls Show Devastating 8-Point Collins Flop


The Republican Party hung all their hopes for a new wave of power on a derange TV reality show host and have felt the crushing effects of that decision ever since. In 2018, Democrats dominated at the polls, flipping 40 seats and retaking the House of Representatives. Just four months out from the November 2020 elections, Republicans may be poised to lose the Senate, as well.

As of the time of this writing, only six senatorial candidates are currently lagging behind their challengers in the polls. One is a Democrat, Doug Jones of Alabama, who eked out a win against Roy Moore shortly after Trump’s election. The other five candidates are all Republicans – Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Martha McSalley (R-AZ), Corey Gardner (R-CO), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Susan Collins (R-ME). Of all of those five, Collins is the most underwater of the candidates in her party.

According to The Guardian:

‘Collins is seeking a fifth term, having long enjoyed a reputation as a moderate open to reaching across the aisle. Democrats view unseating her as key to retaking the Senate, and with it prized control of the appointment of federal judges.

‘Sara Gideon, the Maine House speaker, has established a polling lead. In the debate on Friday night, she sought to link Collins with Trump, demanding several times that Collins say whether she will vote for him against Joe Biden.’


Collins’ political troubles began with her decision to confirm credibly accused attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court. In an utterly ridiculous attempt to pander to women voters who protested his confirmation, Collins insisted that she believed his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, she was pretty sure that there was a case of mistaken identity, that someone besides Kavanaugh had attempted to assault Ford. Women did not buy that argument.

‘What we have seen over the past four years is a concerted effort to change the face of the judiciary,” she said, “and we have seen nominees come from this president that are unqualified and not fit to be judicial nominees. Yet Senator Collins has voted, as of this week, for 170 of them.’

Since Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Collins has failed the American public, as well as her voters, by supporting Trump at times when it was obvious that she shouldn’t. During Trump’s impeachment hearings, Collins supported the president, saying that she felt he had “learned something” from the process. Voters clearly disagree with her.

According to POLITICO:

‘Collins’ reputation has taken a conspicuously harsh hit. In 2015, after winning reelection with about 70 percent of the vote, she was considered one of America’s most beloved senators. Today, she is the most reviled, derided for her increasingly lockstep party-line votes and for the often belabored manner in which she has justified herself.’

The woman who was once a real favorite among her New England voting base is struggling and she has only herself and the president to blame. Collins could have either been a voice for change in the GOP or a Trump panderer who backed him out of fear that she would take a hit with voters.

Her decision between those two things does not appear to be working out well for her.

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