FBI Director Christopher Wray Publicly Contradicts Trump

Russia and Donald Trump have been involved in a three-legged race with identical steps to keep him in office. Moscow helped POTUS in 2016, but was surprised that he won. Now in 2020, neither has been trying to hide their “very active efforts” to give the president a walkway toward his dictatorship. Many suggest that America’s very Democracy, that great experiment, is at risk.

‘Antifa is a real thing. It’s not an organization or a structure.’

Wray responded to Representative Elissa Slotkin’s (D-MI) questions about white supremacist terrorism. He said that the greatest domestic terrorist threat to America was “racially motivated violent extremism.”

Of course, racist violence has been the umbrella that encompassed a number of ideologies. Wray added:

‘[P]eople ascribing to some white supremacy type of ideology is certainly the largest chunk of that.’

The lawmakers also questioned Wray about Qanon, sometimes just referred to as “Q”. He told them:

‘[Qanon is a sort of complex set of conspiracy theories.’

He explained that Qanon sometimes inspired violence. Surprisingly, other members have tried a different approach and won federal primary elections:

‘[Members of Qanon] have embraced outlandish, baseless claims — some rooted in antisemitic tropes — about a secret cabal of Satan worshipping government leaders running an international child sex ring. Its adherents have characterized Trump as a hero fighting to put a stop to it.’

The FBI director said that his organization would not investigate “any particular set of beliefs.” However, it would look into any resulting violence:

‘I don’t think we’ve seen lethal attacks involving that kind of motivation.’


Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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