Trump Declares Executive Order To Stop Biden Presidency


On Saturday night, the Donald Trump campaign held yet another large indoor gathering of Trump supporters as if there is no global pandemic happening, keeping the president on a stage and at a considerable social distance where he says he, at least, feels safe. The rally included all of Trump’s famous hits, talks of building walls and locking Hillary Clinton up although she’s no longer running for any political office, but Trump also made some statements that are new and dangerously treading into dictator-type promises.

At one point in the rally, Trump told the crowd that they simply could not have Biden as president, that he just couldn’t allow that to happen. The man who sits in the highest office of the land joked that maybe he would just sign an executive order preventing Biden from taking office at all, elected or not.

‘You can’t have this guy as your president. You can’t have — maybe I’ll sign an executive order, you cannot have him as your president.’

The rallies the Trump campaign have been holding recently to soothe Trump’s bruised ego while he lags in the polls have really brought out the grade school bully in Trump, where he flails and rants about his opponent in possibly in lowest form of discourse imaginable. After telling the crowd a story about a senator saying that former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden was the “dumbest” senator, he went into full hyperbole without substance mode.

‘He is the worst candidate. The dumbest of all candidates. He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.’

Just to prove, finally, how desperate Trump really is in a fight against a moderate, while, male, Christian candidate, the president repeated his claim that his opponent only does well in town hall debates and interviews because of performance enhancing drugs, calling for a drug test ahead of the September 29 debate.

According to Forbes:

‘Trump also expanded on his unproven claim that Biden is on drugs, stating, “they gave him a big fat shot in the ass… and for two hours, he is better than ever before. Problem is, what happens after that?”

‘The first debate between the two candidates is scheduled for September 29th, with moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News, and Trump said Saturday, “we’re going to ask for a drug test. We are. I’d like to have a drug test.”‘

Featured image screenshot via YouTube