Trump Tells Black People What’s Good For Them During Friday Freak-Out


The GOP argument on why their party is the better option for black Americans seems to be that: 1) the party isn’t as racist as it looks; 2) black people have been dumb enough to be fooled into voting for Democrats all these years; 3) a party full of mostly white men definitely know more about what’s good for black people than, say, black people themselves. None of this, to them, sounds racist at all.

Trump began his speech at a campaign event in Atlanta, George, a red state but a city with a majority black population, by talking about serving as president in an indefinite sense, saying that he might add more terms in order to stay in the White House for 10 to 12 more years. It is, of course, against the law to do so, and seems to be just one more ridiculous thing that Trump has said during his time as president. With a president like Trump, though, a man who appears totally willing to take the right to vote away from Americans in order to win, it’s a scary proposal.

The real controversy began, though, when Trump began talking to the crowd of Atlanta residents about Democratic-run cities, calling them worse than war-torn Afghanistan. Atlanta, Georgia’s mayor is Keisha Lance Bottoms, a black female Democrat. Since Trump wasn’t dodging any bombs during his speech, we can rate that claim to be a complete lie and more than a little insulting to the people of Atlanta.

Trump then told the crowd that an organization built by black Americans, run by black Americans, and meant to address the issues black Americans face while men like Donald Trump ignore them, is really more interested in hurting black Americans. Why trust a black American to know what black Americans need when there’s a rich, white man to teach us, right?

If this is Trump’s plan to win over black America, he’s failing badly, and the polls show it.