Matt Gaetz Suffers Widespread Public Humiliation


When an elected member of Congress shows up to work in a gas mask to ridicule those concerned about a spreading global pandemic just hours before being diagnosed with the virus, one would think that congressman would have lost so much credibility that no serious journalist would speak to that congressman about the virus again.

No serious journalist did, but Sean Hannity did, and Gaetz made just as much a fool of himself as he did prancing about in a gas mask.

CNN anchor John King of Inside Politics responded to a comment from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity to say that the president contracting the virus means more about the virus than it does the president. The same congressman who mocked coronavirus fears insisted that if Trump can get it, Trump who spoke at rallies and attended fundraisers without requiring masks be worn, than anyone can get it.

‘This virus can get into the Oval [Office], into the body of the president. There’s no place where it could not possibly infect one of our fellow Americans, because there is no lockdown that can be a panacea to save everyone from everything, and this is proof positive that’s the case.’

King pointed out, rightly, that it isn’t as if Trump has followed CDC guidelines or handled the pandemic responsibly. Instead of limiting his speaking engagements to a small number of masked supporters at a time or addressing the country remotely, Trump has thrown rallies even in areas of the country where state guidelines should have prevented him from doing so. As King so rightly pointed out:

‘No, it is not proof positive that’s the case. It is proof positive that if you behave recklessly, you might get infected.’

Why anyone would still be listening to Gaetz about anything at this point is a mystery, but King laid out all the reasons that the congressman’s words are utterly ridiculous and, with Trump hospitalized and an uptick in cases and deaths occurring once again, completely reckless.

‘I want to show you this, the president’s schedule in the days before his diagnosis. We could go back weeks and months. The SCOTUS announcement at the White House — a packed crowd at the White House. People packed into small meeting rooms inside the White House before that. A crowded rally in Pennsylvania. A press conference in the briefing room — walking out with Pence. He had a rally in Duluth. He gets on Air Force One headed to a fundraiser after being told one of his aides tested positive within his proximity. The problem is the president’s reckless behavior, not that COVID can get anybody.’

For video of John King’s segment, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube