‘The Lincoln Project’ Release Anti-Trump Musical Spoof – Best Ever Ad


The Lincoln Group may have come out with its best ad yet, as the Republicans and former Republicans work to meet their goal of taking Donald Trump down. There was that news video of a COVID-ridden president arriving at the White House in Marine One against a Washington DC dusk. Trump slowly plodded up the outer stairs, halted to rip off his mask, and did mini-gasps for air on the balcony. Then, he saluted the helicopter’s retreat. It was his Mussolini moment.

The French horns played their soundtrack softly under his oxygen-deprived climb home. Someone dubbed this “Covita,” and The Lincoln Group took off with it. A mezzo-soprano singer did a very passible take-off on Evita, a touching musical about a heroic Argentian woman and her tragic death.

The pretender sang Madonna’s part:

‘Don’t cry for me White House staffers.

The truth is I will infect you all,

Through my tweeting my mad existence.

I broke my promise, won’t keep my distance.

I always say too much. Nevermind the thousands of lies I have told to you.

(Flute flutter, flutter) As for wearing masks and acting sane. That is nothing I will ever do!

So don’t cry for me Secret Service.

Though COVID might just well kill you.

While on my joyride, I spread the virus.

I broke my promise, won’t keep my distance.’

‘[Cough. Cough. Cough.]’

This musical told the tragic life of Evita Peron, the second wife of an Argentinian president. She was born into poverty, went into acting, and met a promising young man. Juan Person became president in 1946, and she became the heart of the nation, fighting for labor rights, women’s suffrage, and health care. Then, she died a tragic death due to cancer at just 33

The rock opera musical, Eviita‘s music was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Tim Rice wrote the book and lyrics.  It won numerous awards, and a 1996 movie followed. The musical was revived in 2013.

Co-founder of The Lincoln Group Steve Schmidt handed of this gift:

‘.@realDonaldTrump 6 million views and climbing. millions are laughing at you. @reedgalen @stuartpstevens @TheRickWilson @ProjectLincoln. We have a surprise for you later today. @Rasmussen_Poll has Biden +12 and that’s the good poll. Your favorite play and song. Rewritten for u’

This is how the real Evita was sung by Madonna:

Twitter world went wild over this wonderful takeoff of Evita. Take a look at how Americans responded:

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Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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