Trump Exposed Forcing Walter Reed Reed Docs To Sign NDA Over Mystery Illness


Donald Trump resists any truth that proves him to be: 1) not young; 2) not physically fit; 3) not wealthy; and 4) not competent enough to tie his own shoes, much less lead a country. Even suffering from COVID-19 and visibly struggling to get his breath, Trump insists that he’s in great shape and it’s his opponent who’s so old and frail that he’s in the depths of dementia. Joe Biden is only three years older than Trump.

An explosive new report from NBC News shows the lengths Trump will go to in order to hide the truth about his age and health. On Thursday, the news outlet reported that, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter, Trump demanded that doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center sign non-disclosure agreements when he was mysteriously treated there in November 2019. The White House has insisted that Trump was only there for a routine physical exam, although that makes little sense because no one is rushed to a hospital for an unscheduled routine physical examination.

According to NBC News:

‘During a surprise trip to Walter Reed on Nov. 16, 2019, Trump mandated signed NDAs from both physicians and nonmedical staff, most of whom are active-duty military service members, these people said. At least two doctors at Walter Reed who refused to sign the NDAs were subsequently not permitted to have any involvement in the president’s care, two of the people said.’

The matter not only calls into question that November 2019 visit, but what we are being told about Trump’s health due to COVID-19 less than four weeks prior to the election. Whatever it is that Trump may be hiding would make speculation about his chances for remaining healthy prior to the election after having contracted COVID. Trump has a need to be depicted as the strong, virile, masculine candidate, and like most misogynists sees sickness as weakness. Weakness, of course, is too feminine for Trump.

‘The four people familiar with the process did not know whether, during the president’s most recent visit over the weekend, he had the same requirement for Walter Reed staff members who had not previously been involved in his care.’

The demand also makes no sense considering HIPPA regulations on disclosing medical information. The doctors and nurses at Walter Reed Medical Center are already legally prevented from speaking to the press about any details of Trump’s medical status. What exactly is Trump trying to cover up?

‘Anyone providing medical services to the president — or any other American — is automatically prohibited by federal law from disclosing the patient’s personal health information without consent. The existing legal protection for all patients under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, raises the question of why Trump would insist that staff members at Walter Reed sign NDAs.’