1,600 Prestigious Faith Leaders Ditch Trump To Endorse Joe Biden


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s coalition of support is continuing to grow. Now, more than 1,600 faith leaders have banded together to endorse Biden, which is apparently the largest group of clergy to endorse a modern Democratic presidential nominee. The endorsements — and the detail about the apparently record-breaking nature of the development — were spotlighted by an organization called Vote Common Good, and among the Biden endorsers is evangelist Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Jerushah Duford, who is also a part of a coalition called “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden.” She has explained that she wants “to validate that struggle that people are having who care about pro-life issues.”

Pastor Doug Pagitt, who is the Executive Director of Vote Common Good, commented:

‘This record-breaking group of endorsers shows that President Trump’s lack of kindness and decency is energizing faith communities and will cost him this election. Four years ago, many religious voters decided to look the other way and give Trump a chance, but after witnessing his cruelty and corruption, a growing number of them are turning away from the president.’

Besides Duford — who is also associated with the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project — the faith leaders who have endorsed Biden and were spotlighted by Vote Common Good this week include the Obama Administration’s former U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom Suzan Johnson Cook, former General Secretary of the National Council of Churches Michael Kinnamon and Anna Jane Joyner, who’s the daughter of prominent evangelical pastor Rick Joyner.

Bizarrely, Trump claimed at one point recently that Biden, if elected, would “hurt God” — although it’s worth noting that Biden is a practicing Catholic who regularly attends church. According to a recent EWTN News-RealClear Opinion survey, Biden leads Trump among likely Catholic voters by 12 percent — but Trump has consistently led among evangelicals. Still, there has been other defection from Trump’s base. According to polling data, senior voters have been abandoning Trump in large numbers — he led among senior voters by 7 percent in 2016, but in a recent CNN survey, Biden led among these 65+ voters by a whopping 21 percent. That’s a 28 percent swing away from Trump!