Pennsylvania Judge Strikes Again To Defeat GOP Voter Sabotage Attempt


There are fewer Republicans than Democrats, which is understandable given that their senators and representatives are either Trumpsters or silently complicit. Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell giggled his way through a debate with his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot.

All McConnell has accomplished in his last four years is jamming several hundred highly conservative, often terribly unqualified judges into positions he stole from President Barack Obama, including one Supreme Court judge.

McGrath was the first woman to fly a combat mission in the Marine Corps. She was also the first to pilot to fly the F/A-18 on a combat mission–male or female.

McConnell also forced his Senate to do nothing while Barack Obama was in office. It is possible that the Republican senators only have one brain amongst themselves, because there certainly has been none to seriously none dissent. They just sit there quietly, whispering snide remarks about Donald Trump up their sleeves.

Fortunately, America still has some good judges in place.

CNN reported on the McGrath-McConnell debate:

A Pennsylvania appellate court judge rejected an emergency petition from Republicans trying to halt the Philadelphia suburb of Delaware County from opening and manning a three-day pop-up early voting center. The location is in a generally Black area.

Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson wrote his decision Friday night, indicating that a county judge, who had already rejected the petition was well within acceptable bounds for rejecting the emergency petition.

Trump has expressed great concern that mail-in paper ballots would be rife with corruption. However, the military and several states have used this type of ballot for years without a noticeable problem. The president has said either he wins or it is a rigged election, something of a heads-I-win, tails-you lose situation.

Pennsylvania appears to be where one of the major battles between Joe Biden-Kamala Harris and Trump-Mike Pence will square off. The county had been scheduled to continue operating its voting center in Subaru Park in Chester, PA. The goal was to register people to vote, apply for an absentee ballot, complete it, and turn it into the center all in one trip on Saturday and Sunday.

The Republicans felt that since the Democrats controlled the country election board, which approved the voting center, they should have prepared an agenda and permitted public comments prior to opening the center. The GOP’s excuse was that it a violation of public meetings law.

In addition, Republicans said that having the pop-up location in one area and not others violated the constitutional rights of residents living elsewhere within the county.

The GOP called it a violation of public meetings law. County solicitor William Martin argued that the emergency petition was a “baseless attempt at voter suppression.”

In 2016, Trump lost the Delaware County by 22 points which turned out to be just 67,000 votes.

This was just another baseless lawsuits the Republicans brought to court. The majority of their frivolous lawsuits revolve around mail-in voting. Some express the fear that Pennsylvania will remain up in the air on election night and longer due to the mail-in votes.

In another pivotable county, CNBC reported that Erie County, Pennsylvania is a vital county in the 2020 election with its 20 Electoral College votes:

‘Erie County, a long-Democratic area that President Donald Trump won in 2016, will help to decide whether the president defeats Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Election Day.’

‘In a county that has long seen manufacturing decline and endured worse economic pain than most of the country during the coronavirus pandemic, Biden and Trump have focused on economic messaging.’

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