Trump Has Deranged Morning Conniption Fit During Live TV Interview


With weeks until Election Day, President Donald Trump does not sound remotely competent enough to effectively handle the duties of the presidency for four more weeks, let alone four more years. His overarching campaign message is a rambling mish-mash of conspiratorial complaints about the Democrats. During a phone interview on Fox & Friends this Tuesday, Trump claimed that, if elected, Democrats will “take away… your God” — which is, of course, ridiculous. For starters, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic. Additionally: what does that claim even mean? On a previous occasion, Trump said that Biden would “hurt God,” which was similarly nonsensical.

Trump delivered his rant after one of the Fox co-hosts asked him about a recent New York Post story about Hunter Biden. The story claims to reveal contents from Hunter’s laptop, including the supposed revelation that Joe Biden supposedly met with a Ukrainian energy adviser at Burisma. There’s no corroborating evidence, but Ainsley Earhardt asked the president if he thought that the New York Post story would get more attention if it was one of his own family members involved.

Trump replied:

‘Well you know it would be, and they went through and put my son in particular — over a 15 minute meeting with somebody from Russia who met with everybody in Congress over the years. Everybody knew, and it was a meeting about something totally different, and Don Jr. went. It’s so unfair, what they have done — what they have done to this country, and we’re really hitting them back — we’re hitting them back so hard… People are in love… Don’t worry about Texas. Texas is with us. They want to take away your guns, your oil, and your God — okay, that’s what they want. They want to take away your Second Amendment. They want to take away fracking and oil. They don’t care — they want to take it away. They want to go to the Green New Deal. That’s not for Texas.’

Watch Trump’s comments below:

The president sounds unhinged. His self-obsessed and frequently lie-riddled rambling does not represent a solid path forward for the United States. His reference to a 15 minute meeting refers to a meeting that Donald Trump Jr. had with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who Trump Jr. had been promised would bring dirt on Hillary, although she ended up bringing up another topic during the meeting.

At another point during his Tuesday talk on Fox & Friends, one of the co-hosts asked Trump “what specifically” that he would point to that would enact a “socialist hell hole” in the United States if Biden was elected. Trump replied that “well, everything” would, and he rambled:

‘Socialized medicine. They want you to go to a hospital if you have a cold, take away your health care. They want to take away 180 million incredible health care plans that people love. I mean, you can go down a list forever. They want to take away your guns. They want to defund your police or at least radically change your police… they want to destroy your police forces and, at the same time, take away your guns so you can’t protect yourself.’


Trump is lying, plain and simple. Joe Biden specifically does not support doing away with private health insurance plans; he just wants to enact a public option. Biden specifically does not want to forcibly seize people’s assault weapons either; he wants a voluntary buyback program alongside a program allowing people to keep the weapons if they’re registered.