Trump Accuses Obama Of Crimes During Unhinged Meltdown Of Hate


On Saturday, President Donald Trump visited Ohio for a campaign stop, where he delivered a rally speech that was full of lunacy. For instance, he claimed that the Obama administration had gotten “caught” spying on the Trump campaign, which is a lie, and he also claimed that “they are all saying Christmas again” now that he’s in charge, but the so-called “war on Christmas” is imaginary, so the president’s supposed victory in this metaphorical battle is also imaginary. Trump and his allies have made up a conflict and made up the president’s victory in it.

When Trump claimed that the Obama administration had been caught spying on his campaign, the crowd erupted into a chant of “Lock him up!” Trump interjected that it’s “much better” if he tries to tamp down the chanting, but the mocking tone in his voice was rather obvious, as was the implication that he actually doesn’t have a serious problem with the chant. After all, he himself has previously insisted — ludicrously — that there should be jail sentences dished out in retaliation for the conspiring against the Trump campaign that didn’t actually happen.

As for the “war on Christmas” nonsense, Trump said the following on Saturday:

‘When I first started, I said, we are going to say Merry Christmas again. Remember?.. all the department stores, they’d say ‘happy new year’ and everything but Christmas — they don’t want to say Christmas. I said, we’re gonna say Christmas again. And you know what, they’re all saying Christmas again. They’re saying Merry Christmas. They’re all saying Merry Christmas again.’

This systematic anti-Christmas struggle is imaginary — and it’s been imaginary on all of the other occasions that Trump and his political allies have brought it up. Check out his comments in the video footage below:

While at his weekend Ohio rally, Trump also brought up some of his familiar complaints about media coverage of the Coronavirus crisis. Some 225,000 Americans have died due to the pandemic, and many more deaths could unfold in the near future — but Trump keeps insisting that there’s really some systematic media conspiracy to make him look bad, but this claim is nonsense. In reality, there’s a deadly nationwide crisis, but the president consistently sounds more focused on his public image and ego. With cases continuing to rise across the country at single-day levels that haven’t been seen at any other point during the pandemic, it’s clear that it’s time for new leadership.

Watch Trump’s comments below: