Trump’s Pathetic ‘Borat’ Meltdown Aboard Air Force One Revealed To Media


On Friday night aboard Air Force One, President Donald Trump commented on the recent movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which is a satire created by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and briefly features Trump’s top ally, Rudy Giuliani. In the scene featuring Giuliani, he participates in a faked interview (which he did not know to be faked at the time), and then he heads into a hotel bedroom with the actress playing Borat’s daughter in the movie, who was posing as a television journalist at the time. Giuliani has insisted that he did nothing inappropriate, claiming that a scene in which he reaches into his clothes is simply him tucking in his shirt. Trump, meanwhile, called Baron Cohen a “phony guy” and a “creep.”

Referring to an incident years ago when Cohen, while in character as “Ali G,” tried to speak with Trump, the president commented:

‘You know, years ago, [Cohen] tried to scam me. And I was the only one that said: ‘No way. This guy is a phony guy.’ I don’t find him funny. To me, he’s a creep.’

It’s remarkable for Donald Trump to accuse someone else of being a “creep.” Donald Trump has faced numerous stories of having perpetrated sexual harassment and assault, and there’s plenty of very public evidence of his predatory behavior. Among other examples of the current president’s “creep” behavior, five former Miss Teen USA pageant participants have even said that Trump walked in on them while they were changing, as PolitiFact reports. Meanwhile, during an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, Trump once openly boasted about walking in on contestants who were participating in the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants. (Those pageants featured contestants who were over the age of 18.)

The examples of the president’s predatory behavior go well on from there. He has routinely used his positions of power to manipulatively force women into doing his bidding. Meanwhile, besides the scene featuring Giuliani, Trump World makes an appearance at other points in new Borat footage. While in character, the actor playing Borat’s daughter successfully got a far-right “reporter” with the One America News Network to bring them into the White House — reportedly without a prior security check or test for the Coronavirus. At another point, Cohen/ Borat interrupts and heckles a speech from Vice President Mike Pence while in a Trump costume.