Deutsche Bank/$340 Million Trump Loan Scandal Erupts During Election


It appears that Donald Trump has a lot of reasons for wanting to win in 2020 presidential election. Oh sure, he does not want to be called “a loser,” and the power is a real head trip for him. But. there are some very dark reasons for him wanting to stay in office at any cost.

According to his Attorney General William (Bill) Barr, Trump cannot be prosecuted while he is in office. This president has also mentioned that he is considering pardoning himself. Can he even do that? His conservative-stuffed Supreme Court might well agree with him. By the way, has anyone seen Barr recently?

As POTUS stands on the deck of his sinking Trump-tantic, he must be considering his finances. He and his children have used the American presidency as their own piggy bank, but that does not begin to cover all of his loans. It appears that 45 is up to his eyeballs with debt, and the lender has come calling.

Member of the Senate Banking Committee Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-ME) earlier requested that there be an investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank. The institution gave the president sweetheart deals to build up its business. More recently, it has allegedly been involved in money-laundering.

Warren demanded that the bank release information about its relationship with Trump and his family. The senator is pushing for a look into the bank’s records, according to Reuters:

‘You bet I’m going to continue to fight for accountability and strong enforcement of our banking laws, especially for giant institutions like Deutsche Bank.’

Now, it appears that Deutsche Bank wants to wash the negative smell of Trump off of its hands. The news about Trump is bad for business. The Trump Organization, which is the umbrella for hundreds of smaller entities, is into the bank for $340 million in three separate loans. These loans are set to come due in two years. The bank could seize Trump’s assets after he leaves office, according to The Business Insider.

A Deutsche Bank management committee oversees its “reputational and other risks for the lender in the Americas region.” Over the years, the bank has loaned Trump over $2 billion.

The German bank began lending to Trump in the late 1990s. Since Trump began his presidency, the bank has “been dragged into congressional and other investigations into the real estate mogul turned politician’s finances and alleged Russia connections.”

The probes and the bad press, seen by one senior bank executive as “serious collateral damage” to the relationship and are an unwelcome distraction for the bank, the three officials said. This comes at a time when Chief Executive Christian Sewing is trying to turn Deutsche Bank around.

Now, the bank considers Trump “collateral damage:”

‘If the Republican president loses, and Democrats take control of the White House and Congress, senior Deutsche Bank executives believe congressional investigations that have stalled amid a court battle over access to Trump’s financial records could be rejuvenated, the three bank officials said.’

The Deutsche bank loans:

‘[A]re against Trump’s golf course in Miami, and hotels in Washington and Chicago, are such that the Trump Organization has only had to pay interest on them so far, and the entire principal is outstanding, two of the three bank officials said. They come due in 2023 and 2024, the filings show.’

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