Nevada A.G. Debunks Vote Fraud Claims; All Trump Lawsuits Dismissed


President Donald Trump has consistently come up majorly short in his quest to prove that some kind of widespread fraud took place in the recent presidential election. His team has yet to produce any conclusive evidence of the system-threatening fraud that they have claimed is present. Nevada state Attorney General Aaron Ford (D) condemned the president’s team’s claims in new public comments, insisting that all the Trump team has come up with are “frivolous, baseless claims of speculation.” He characterized the Trump campaign’s efforts as an attack against “this sacrosanct franchise of voting.”

Ford commented as follows:

‘All four of the lawsuits that the Trump administration has filed in our state have been thrown out that I have been participating in. They continue to come with frivolous, baseless claims of speculation about voter fraud that’s widespread, that ostensibly is changing the results of the election. And we continue to get them tossed out of court… They have, at every step of the way, attempted to undermine this sacrosanct franchise of voting. We have defeated them at every single turn. And if they have any other tricks up their sleeves, we are prepared.’

In Nevada, the Trump campaign has claimed that ballots were cast in the names of deceased voters, but they’ve not provided any conclusive evidence. As of around early this Tuesday, Nevada’s AG Ford said that the Trump campaign hadn’t even bothered to file a complaint with his office over their supposed concerns. Instead, Ford shared, Trump allies “continue to operate through the media as a PR stunt to blow up my timeline on Twitter to make it appear as though we’re not doing our job, when the fact is, they have not presented a complaint with us that we can even verify, let alone investigate.”

In one particularly bombastic example of the Trump team’s ludicrous claims, Trump surrogate Matt Schlapp claimed at a recent press conference in Nevada that a so-called whistleblower had seen a van marked with Biden/ Harris signage in which people were opening ballots and refilling envelopes with ballots that were, presumably, more favorable to Democrats. If this alleged fraud took place, why is there no video? Why would criminal fraudsters have committed this election interference in a Biden/ Harris van in plain sight? How stupid does the Trump campaign think that Americans really are?

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In Nevada, Trump allies have also attacked the legitimacy of ballots cast by voters who don’t actually live in the state, but Nevada state law allows people including students, members of the military, and military spouses to maintain voting registrations in the state if they move somewhere else. Two of the people on the Trump campaign’s list of supposed nonresident Nevada voters were Amy Rose and her husband, who’s in the Air Force. Amy commented that it’s “really appalling to be used as pawns” for the GOP’s harebrained schemes to undermine confidence in the election.

Trump has claimed that he actually won the election. This claim is false, and the world seems ready to move on without him, no matter whether he concedes to reality or not. In advance of his inauguration, President-elect Joe Biden has even already personally spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a top U.S. ally.