Trump Rape Case To Move Forward In Post-Election Surprise


Last summer, E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of raping her in the 1990s, forcing her into a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman. For doing that, The Elle magazine fired her as a columnist. She was the 26th woman to come out against the US president for sexual assault.

Carroll released an excerpt from her book What Do We Need Men For? in New York Magazine. Trump claimed he never met her and that she was “not his type.”

The Jezebel reported that a federal judge ruled that President Donald Trump can, indeed, be sued as a private citizen. That means her defamation lawsuit against him will be able to move forward. The judge further ruled that the Department of Justice could not interfere on behalf of Trump’s attorneys.

A federal judge held a telephone conference in regard to Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against the president on Wednesday. That indicated that the case will, indeed, move forward. He will be out of office in 10 weeks.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, released this  statement:

‘We look forward to finally moving ahead with discovery in the case, which has been on hold since Trump filed his motion for a stay last February, and look forward to the initial conference in E Jean Carroll’s case on Dec. 11, if the parties cannot agree on a schedule.’

The Guardian wrote about Carroll’s description of her rape in her book:

‘Despite Carroll’s preternatural fortitude, this is a harrowing read. She won’t admit it, but it seems her encounter with Trump stopped her in her tracks./

Carroll said that she has not had sex since her assault:

‘The desire for desire was over. It was just pretty much dead.’

The Guardian continued:

‘Some scars can’t be whitewashed with good cheer. The past always finds a way to come back and bite you…It seems “Chin up. Move on” isn’t always the advice that works, even for this ever-positive columnist.’

The story describes her as “a cross between LucileBall and Annie Oakley:

‘But wherever you land on “rape” v “fight”, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal is an entertaining and rage-making romp of a read. A cross between Lucile Ball and Annie Oakley, Auntie E, as her Elle readers call her, is a fearless, madcap journalist whose breezy, bubbly writing style is a pleasure to read.’

Readers will notice that she does not use the word “rape.” Why would she do that?

‘Carroll has resisted using the word rape to describe what she says Trump did to her. She says she has a variety of reasons for this, including that she doesn’t want to be viewed as a victim. Instead, she characterizes the encounter as a “colossal struggle” and a “fight”. She told two friends after it happened, who have confirmed her story to the New York Times. For years, like so many women, she blamed herself.’

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