The Bidens Issue Inspirational Thanksgiving Message As Trump Rages


Soon, the Trumps will leave the White House and Joe Biden will take over as president. In the meantime, the contrast between the Trumps and Bidens couldn’t be clearer. On Thursday — Thanksgiving — Donald Trump posted an angry screed on Twitter in which he asserted, wrongly, that the recent presidential election (that he decisively lost) had been rigged against him. In stark contrast, on Thursday, an article penned by Joe and Jill Biden emerged in which the imminent First Family members expressed their heartfelt gratitude for those who’ve worked to hold Americans together amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

In their message to Americans, the Bidens expressed thanks for frontline workers, health care workers, educators, and others. The Bidens added as follows:

‘We are grateful for the American spirit of our people, who do not cower in the face of crisis and hardship but instead come together to lift up one another. All those who lost jobs but not heart, who donated to food banks or asked their neighbors, What can I do? How can I help? We’re grateful for everyone who reminded us that we are bigger than the challenges we face. Most of all, we are grateful for the faith and trust we have been given to continue serving this beautiful, brave, complicated nation as your future President and first lady.’

In their message, the Bidens also acknowledge the many American families who may have empty chairs this year — people whose concerns were noticeably absent from Trump’s own initial Thanksgiving Day messages. As the Bidens somberly note, “For the families of the Americans lost this year, that chair is another reminder that someone they love will never come home again.” The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across American society.

The Bidens also note that other chairs may be empty because of family members staying away in order to help thwart the spread of COVID-19. They write as follows:

‘It is not a small sacrifice. These moments with our loved ones — time that’s lost — can’t be returned. Yet, we know it’s the price of protecting each other and one we don’t pay alone. Isolated in our own dining rooms and kitchens, scattered from coast to coast, we are healing together.’

Read their full message at this link.