Georgia Special Election Poll Results Devastate Republican Party


Two Senate elections are slated for January in Georgia that will decide control of the chamber for the next two years. If Democrats win both seats, then they’ll win control of the Senate, because the chamber will be 50-50, but vice presidents break ties — and with Joe Biden in the White House, the vice president will be, of course, Kamala Harris. Now, new poll results have emerged for the Georgia Senate races in which both Democratic candidates lead their incumbent Republican counterparts. The new SurveyUSA polling has Democrat Jon Ossoff at 50 percent while his Republican challenger, David Perdue, sits at 48 percent. Democrat Raphael Warnock stands at 52 percent in the polling, compared to just 45 percent for his own Republican challenger, Kelly Loeffler.

Only two candidates in each race will appear on the ballot in January, because the races have proceeded to run-offs after no candidate hit 50 percent or above in November, which is required for a victory in the first round. In run-off Senate elections in Georgia, only the top two finishers from the first election appear on the ballot a second time. Notable exclusions include Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, a vocal Trump ally who ran for the Senate in the first round but finished behind Loeffler.

Going forward, talk has emerged among some Republicans of sitting out the Senate races altogether as some kind of protest over a perception of leaders failing to fix supposed fraud. Of course, there’s no meaningfully conclusive evidence of any kind of systematic fraud — and even Attorney General Bill Barr, a Trump loyalist, has confirmed as much — but Trump and his supporters have proven undeterred in their efforts to prove otherwise. At a so-called “Stop the Steal” rally in Georgia this week, prominent Trump-allied attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell essentially called on attendees to sit out the upcoming Senate elections. Recently, Trump himself announced Powell herself as a member of his own legal team, shortly before her unceremonious apparent firing following her threat to “blow up” Georgia (metaphorically) with a lawsuit over alleged fraud.

At Wood and Powell’s Georgia rally, attendees chanted “Lock him up!”.. about Brian Kemp, the current Republican governor of Georgia! In other words, the crowd seemed receptive to Wood and Powell’s sentiments, to say the least. At another recent in-person event in Georgia, one Republican attendee asked Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel why the GOP should trust the upcoming Senate elections at all if the outcome is already decided. McDaniel insisted that the outcomes aren’t decided — but the GOP simply can’t put their fraud conspiracies back in the bottle!