McEnany Has Tuesday Spazz Attack Claiming Democrats Hate Science


During a belligerent Tuesday appearance on Fox, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that Democrats are “anti-science” — which is simply ridiculous on its face. Democrats aren’t the ones who’ve insisted, contrary to the basic evidence at hand, that the pandemic might simply vanish on its own in the near future so people didn’t need to overly worry about the crisis. Donald Trump is the one who ignorantly insisted that Americans shouldn’t let COVID-19 “dominate” their lives, as if dealing with the virus is a matter of personal and political will rather than an issue of the basic resources that the Trump administration has repeatedly failed to provide.

Asked about the controversy over whether or not it’s safe to dine outdoors at a restaurant amidst the pandemic, McEnany ranted as follows:

‘Democrats are anti-science. Democrats are anti-Constitution. As Admiral Giroir said, there is no science suggesting if you are outside, socially distanced, wearing your mask appropriately, that you cannot dine. There never was science showing that schools should shut down because kids were super-spreaders. That didn’t exist. President Trump said that and here we are many months later and the science, once again, is on our side as it’s always been. Democrats will shut down your churches but allow other commercial establishments to stay open, like Governor Cuomo who was rebuked by the Supreme Court. Democrats are anti-science. We will always put forward the science, and it is a travesty what they are doing to small business owners, to companies, and to churches across this nation. It’s unacceptable.’

Watch McEnany below:

Again — the notion that Democrats are anti-science is simply ridiculous. Who are the ones who’ve largely been advocating for the very basic step of mask-wearing throughout the pandemic? Democrats! Who are the ones who have been advocating for social distancing measures that could help keep people alive? Democrats!

If McEnany’s rant about Democrats’ supposed disregard of small business owners held water, then maybe Trump would be taking a break from his rigorous routine of watching television, whining about what he sees on Twitter, and golfing to work with Congress to craft another COVID-19 relief package. Instead, Trump seems more focused on spreading utterly nonsensical conspiracy theories about the election results. The Democrat-led House passed another relief bill months ago.