Trump Files New Supreme Court Challenge To Overturn Election


Donald Trump has been floating in his own swamp for so long that he has absorbed it through his pores. As the swampy concoction weighs him down, he grabs three straws. One is to help ‘him breathe in his conspiracies. The second is to breathe in air so that he will not drown, and the third is used to shout out words as ugly as the fetid swamp where he lies.

The Wisconsin State Journal wrote:

‘Three members of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, agreed with many of the President’s claims in written dissents from that court’s December 14 order.’

Tuesday, the president asked the US Supreme Court to reverse Wisconsin’s high court ruling. He wants it to set aside the 2020 presidential election. Instead, he wants to let the Repubican-led Legislature determine how it wants to handle Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. In other words, he wants the highest court in the land, one he fed into three of his own choices to hand him the election.

Has anyone ever seen such an ugly loser? Real presidents lose with dignity. Real men lose with grace. Clearly, Trump is neither. Apparently, losing in 60 lawsuits has not been enough this election season. His legal team appeared before. the US Supreme Court and said, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

‘This Court is likely the only institution of our government capable of credibly resolving the controversy over this election.’

Out of necessity, the president’s legal team requested the court fast-track this case. They want this, because the date that Congress formally counts the electoral votes is rapidly approaching, January 6, 2021.

The highest court in the land has already ruled on a Wisconsin voter challenge and ones in other swing states. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton brought that lawsuit to the Court this month. The Supreme Court rejected it out of hand. AG Paxton led the charge, and over 100 legislative Republicans in Washington joined him.

Just to keep things from becoming too competitive, Trump requested the justices make a decision on over 50,000 absentee ballots in Milwaukee and Dane counties. His attorneys claimed that these ballots were not counted correctly. Biden won the state by a slim 21,000-vote margin.

Trump’s people claimed that some of the voters did not have a copy of their photo ID. The reason was that they were confined to the homes due to either age or disability. The president wanted more checks on that behavior.

In addition, he wanted to cast out the ballots in instances where clerks filled in the address of witnesses on their absentee ballot envelopes. In addition, he did not want absentee ballots that had been returned at political events in Madison Parks.

The state’s Supreme Court rejected that lawsuit four to three earlier this month. It found that Trump had not met the deadline for filing his lawsuit. The majority ruled that practices the president questioned were already in effect, and POTUS should have “challenged them before the election.’


The current appeal dropped the argument that challenged early in-person voting as illegal, never mind that Wisconsin has exercised this option for over a decade.

In an earlier challenge, Trump tried to have 220,000 ballots from the Wisconsin counties with the highest Democratic numbers, which clearly did not work. This latest lawsuit asks for far more. He wants the US Supreme Court to totally reject the state’s election. After they scrap it, the president would have the Republican-led Legislature “decide how to cast Wisconsin’s electoral votes.”

Shortly after Wisconsin Supreme Court decided upon its ruling, the state’s electors voted for Biden.

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