Republican Lawyer Accuses Supreme Court Chief Justice Of Murder


Lin Wood, a far-right lawyer who’s been affiliated with outgoing President Donald Trump’s post-election court fight against the election outcome, sounds unstable. On Twitter over the weekend, he posted a series of tweets in which he accused U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, among others, of raping and murdering a child on video as part of an imaginary scheme in which top global intelligence agencies use this footage as blackmail leverage targeting high-profile individuals. Wood suggested, in complete seriousness, that he could be killed for posting the supposed truth of this issue on his Twitter account.

Wood sounds deranged. On Twitter, he also alleged that Isaac Kappy — an actor who committed suicide last year after troubling public statements — was killed after sharing information about that supposed footage with friends. Wood claimed that a hacking group known as the “Lizard Squad” originally stole the blackmail footage from one of the involved intelligence agencies, sharing the files and an encryption key to unlock the material with Kappy prior to his death. Wood claimed that Kappy “tried to deliver” this material to President Trump “but was… murdered.”

Wood — who also suggested that “hundreds of thousands” of children could be involved in the imaginary global blackmail scheme that he discussed — insisted that he “did due diligence to validate the accuracy of the shocking information I am revealing tonight.” In another post, he blamed “a rising chorus of people questioning my sanity in recent days” on opposition to his revelation of the information about the supposed global blackmail scheme.

Obviously, there is no validity whatsoever to Wood’s claims, but that observation doesn’t seem to fully cover the issue here. Wood has taken leave of truth, willfully embracing, for whatever reason, deranged and dangerous insanity. He sounds like a megalomaniac who has lost touch with the reality of the world around him in favor of his own pathologically self-obsessed nonsense. Check out Wood’s tweets below — FYI, his comments are graphic: