Motion To Disbar Trump’s Attorney Begins After Election Lies


The cheap walls that Donald Trump used to build a barrier around himself are beginning to crack and fall. Everything Trump Touches Dies’s author and founding member of The Lincoln Project Rick Wilson certainly had that right. Loyalty only runs one direction in Trump world, as Vice President Mike Pence is learning as we speak. Now, POTUS’ attorneys are catching hell.

Two of them Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are up for disbarment by the city of Detroit, Michigan. This once-great city filed the motion after the attorneys presented a lockjaw-breaking lawsuit against it for trying to steal Michigan’s presidential election.

President-elect Joe Biden won the state with a significant number, 50.6 percent of the popular vote. Trump only took 47.8 percent of the vote. Powell referred to the lawsuit as the “Kraken.”

Powell claims voter fraud occurred in the state. She asserted the voting machines managed to turn votes for Trump to ones for Biden.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker dismissed the case. She referred to the lawsuit as “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation.”

That was when the Detroit attorneys filed their motion to disbar Powell, Wood, and other attorneys who presented the lawsuit.

The motion read, according to The Newsweek:

‘There are so many objectively false allegations in the Complaint that it is not possible to address all of them in a single brief.’

It further read that these attorneys filed their lawsuit too late. Not only that, they could not point to any violation of state law.

The motion continued:

‘This lawsuit is the quintessential example of a case filed for an improper purpose.’

The City of Detroit gave the attorneys three weeks to withdraw the lawsuit or to repair it properly:

‘Rather than withdraw or amend their Complaint. they chose to stand firm with their objectively false claims, ridiculously incompetent expert reports and patently unsupportable arguments.’

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