Foreign Financial Crimes Investigation Of Trump Requested By Minister


Donald Trump is facing a trial in the Senate for inciting a riot that led to an attack on the Capitol Building, an investigation by the Southern District of New York into potential tax and bank fraud, and now he faces investigation in Scotland over his shady business dealings that landed him a golf resort property known as Turnberry. It’s truly one of the most ungraceful exits in U.S. political history.

Early in 2020, the Scottish Green Party began pushing officials to seek an “unexplained wealth order” (UWO) to investigate Trump’s purchase of Turnberry. At the time, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that it was a decision that must be left up to the Crown Office. In recent days, in light of the extent of Trump’s attempted coup in the United States and other potential crimes against his own country, the party began pushing for an investigation to move forward once again.

According to The Scotsman:

‘Patrick Harvie MSP, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, said there were reasonable grounds for suspecting that the US president, or people he is connected with, “have been involved in serious crime.”

‘He has called on ministers to apply to the Court of Session to seek answers as to how Mr Trump’s bankrolled his multimillion acquisitions of land and property in his mother’s homeland.’


As Trump left office, calls for those investigations were heating up, and boiled over in a televised event. At a press briefing on Thursday, Scottish Greens Party co-leader Patrick Harvie called on Nicola Sturgeon to “stop hiding behind officials” and investigate Trump. During that event, Harvie made a strong case for investigating Trump’s lies and ridding Scotland of his stain.

‘One of the biggest proponents globally of dangerous misinformation – from Covid, to climate and more – has been kicked off Twitter and Facebook, today is being kicked out of the White House, and it’s time we kicked his toxic brand out of Scotland too.

‘From today, Donald Trump will no longer be the US President, and his business activities are under criminal investigation in the US. Yet his purchases in Scotland have still not been investigated, despite serious concerns about how they were funded.

‘This advice was sent to the First Minister at the weekend. It’s long past time the Scottish government demonstrated that Scotland cannot be a country where anyone with the money can buy whatever land and property they want, no questions asked.’


According to The Herald in Scotland, Sturgeon had no kind words for Trump upon is departure from the White House. In response to the Greens’ calls, she responded:

‘I’m sure many of us across the chamber and across Scotland will be very happy to say cheerio to Donald Trump today. I think ‘Don’t haste ye back’ might be the perfect rejoinder to him.’