Trump’s Election Lawyers Hit With Legal Disbarment Request


Authorities in the city of Detroit are pushing for disbarment proceedings against attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell over their participation in a so-called “Kraken” lawsuit in the state that challenged the documented outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Powell and her associates backed similar lawsuits in three other states, but not a single one of the efforts made any substantive progress, and no court anywhere in the country ever accepted, in any case, the idea that systematic fraud was responsible for President Joe Biden’s victory. In the wake of the recent rioting at the Capitol where a mob of Trump supporters lashed out under the delusional pretense that the 2020 presidential election outcome was dubious, Detroit says that Wood and Powell have “blood on [their]… hands.”

In a filing from Tuesday, Detroit attorney David Fink commented as follows:

‘Let there be no mistake, there is blood on Lin Wood and Sidney Powell’s hands and on the hands of all those who pushed this lawsuit.’

Fink then recounted stories of those, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who lost their lives because of the Capitol rioting. Sicknick died after getting struck by a fire extinguisher by the mob. Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old woman who was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer as she attempted to forcibly enter the Speaker’s Lobby — an area that directly connects to the House chamber — even paid personal attention to Wood. Her final tweet before her death was a retweet of a message from Wood calling for charging then-Vice President Mike Pence with treason, which is traditionally understood as a capital offense that culminates in execution.

At one point, Wood delusionally characterized Babbitt’s death as a so-called “false flag,” meaning an incident that was designed to stir up tension under false pretenses. Fink added as follows:

‘Instead of accepting responsibility for their part inciting the mob, both Powell and Wood quickly pivoted to assigning blame to others: Powell tweets ‘It’s #Antifa.’ Wood started the rumor that Antifa activists were behind the violence by posting photos of two of the rioters which were on the website of a local Antifa group. Wood, of course, did not advise his 800,000 followers that the photos were from pages on the website which identified known white supremacists. Wood then tried to claim that Ms. Babbitt’s death was a ‘false flag’ operation to ‘frame’ him.’

The next step in Detroit’s request for sanctions against Wood and Powell isn’t immediately clear, although the judge before whom the request is pending, U.S. District Judge Linda Parke, already rejected the original “Kraken” lawsuit. The legal efforts from Wood and Powell — the latter of whom was once affiliated with Trump’s own legal team — are among many cases that Trump and his allies brought to try and overturn the presidential election outcome.