Stacey Abrams Moves To Stop GOP’s Voter Suppression Attempt


The problems in America all boil down to greed, especially in our nation’s Capitol. The desire for power turns relatively decent politicians into repulsive golems, and big money tends to be the only pathway to that power. Now, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee as Reuters reported, a black woman from the South is changing all that.

Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action nonprofit is kicking off its next campaign against Republicans with a new ad. That ad hits right at the heart of their attempts to limit voting rights.

Fair Fight Action launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign on Tuesday warning that legislation to restrict absentee balloting could harm Republicans as much as Democrats, leading to longer lines and new threats of identity theft.

The multimillion-dollar campaign indicated that there was hurtful legislation in the Republican-held Georgia legislation, according to The Atlanta Journal ( This legislation would lead to “longer lines and new threats of identity theft.” The narrator of the ad said that 450,000 absentee ballots went to Donald Trump in the past election:

‘Georgians of both parties have voted by mail for decades. Almost half a million Georgia Republicans did it just last year.’

The massive infusion of cash for absentee voting includes one-million dollars for ads appearing in digital, television, radio, and print media. The narrator continued:

‘The GOP knows voting by mail works – it was their idea. It’s how Republicans won Florida. Now these same politicians who passed these laws want to make it harder.’

Republicans have been trying to impose additional restrictions on absentee voting with renewed vigor ever since their Georgia losses in November and January.

Tuesday, the state Senate approved its first mass of legislation directed at the elections. It approved a measure to make voters provide additional ID in order to qualify for absentee voting:

‘[V]oters would have to provide a driver’s license number, state ID number or a copy of photo ID when requesting absentee ballots. Democrats framed it as onerous new restrictions that will make it harder for the poor and elderly to vote by mail.’

Fair Fight Chief Executive Lauren Groh-Wargo said:

‘The battlegrounds of Florida and Ohio have similar voting access to Georgia yet Republicans have been winning there. Those states should serve as a lesson for them on how access to the ballot can work in their party’s favor – if they do the work.’

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan’s proposals have been dire, but there are other attacks on the people’s voting rights. Right now, the state House has a broad elections bill under consideration “that would eliminate Sunday voting and limit ballot drop boxes.”

Abrams lost her bid in the governor’s race after then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who also managed the election’s ethics and fairness, declared victory. Republicans throughout the nation seem willing to employ whatever tactics are necessary to win their battles in legislation and in races. Democrats tend to be more collegial, but they are learning how to increase their power.

As a black woman candidate in 2018, Abrams never conceded the race. Instead, she started the nonprofit Fair Fight. People anticipate that she will go for a rematch.

Tuesday, she will testify at the nation’s House hearing over federal electoral policy.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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