Josh Hawley’s College Professor Trashes Him Over Traitorous Activities


Law Professor William Eskridge, who’s worked at both Harvard and Yale University, taught both Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) — and now, in the wake of their unrepentant incitement of deadly rioting at the U.S. Capitol, Eskridge says that he was “thoroughly disgusted” with the behavior of his former students. Cruz and Hawley helped push the delusional and dangerous lie that there was some reason to be concerned about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election results, and last month, rioters at the Capitol used this exact idea as an explicit pretense as they swarmed the building and murderously hunted top leaders across the government.

Cruz, for his part, called for an audit of the election results — which is ridiculous, because the presidential election results underwent rigorous and repeated security screenings at all meaningful levels in every single state, and pretending otherwise is a farce. Eskridge succinctly commented as follows:

‘I was thoroughly disgusted with the reprehensible behavior and the reprehensible language of both of my former students.’

He also had comments about Cruz and Hawley’s time as students, adding the following:

‘Ted Cruz was a very memorable student… I don’t think he was very popular among his fellow students, but I think the faculty, including me, really enjoyed him as a student and respected him. Josh Hawley was quieter — vastly more popular with his fellow students. He was not as outspoken a class participant as Ted Cruz had been, and was not as outstanding a student. They were very conservative. They were very ambitious.’

More acutely, Eskridge condemned the arguments that Cruz and Hawley presented in favor of their planned objections to the certification of some of Biden’s electoral votes when the presidential election outcome was up for confirmation by Congress. As Eskridge put it:

‘I don’t have any respect for the arguments… that are made by very intelligent people who know better, who know that these are illegitimate arguments… and as far as anybody can gather, they were doing it for personal political gain.’

Check out Eskridge’s comments below:

Neither Cruz nor Hawley have shown any signs of contrition. Instead, they have used criticism that they have faced for helping incite an attack on the seat of the U.S. government as fuel for their crusade against the imaginary villain of “cancel culture.”