Pelosi Dunks On The GOP Traitors During Thursday Press Conference


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is probably the most powerful woman in the nation. Of course, Vice President Kamala Harris (D) has her share of power, too, after shattering the glass ceiling into a milion powerless pieces. Then, there is Stacey Abrams (D) whose organization brought two Democratic senators to tip the Senate for the Democrats, and the list goes on. But taking on Pelosi would be a serious political mistake. Just ask Moscow Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Senate Minority Leader McConnell led the Republicans to pass a tax cut aimed directly at the richest Americans and big corporations. No jobs evolved from it, and no wages went up, but his big donors were happy. McConnell created the infrastructure to blow up the national debt, just like Elon Musk’s rocket gave the illusion of a sound landing, then it exploded just as Mitch has been doing to Americans. It will take decades to repair that budget hole. Thanks a lot, McConnell.

But Heaven forbid if the Republicans supported help for people starving during the coronavirus pandemic. Oh, please.

Speaker Pelosi has had it with McConnell, and she simply will not let McConnell and the Senate GOP  off the hook for their hypocrisy, according to a tweet posted by POLITICUSUSA boss, Sarah Reese Jones:

‘Speaker Pelosi called out Mitch McConnell and Senate Republican hypocrites for opposing ACA subsidies after they passed a tax cut for the wealthy in the dead of night.’

Pelosi said when asked about McConnell and Senate Republican concerns that more people might receive ACA subsidies:

‘This is a two-year extension of an improvement on the Affordable Care Act so that the subsidies would be available to the next tier of income people. It’s not about wealth.’

Speaker Pelosi continued:

‘If they want to talk about wealth, they should look at their own tax scam that they passed in the dark of night in the speed of light that gave 83% of the benefits to top 1% forcing nearly $2 trillion of debt on our children to pay in the future in order to give tax breaks to the high-end.’

She continued hitting McConnell about the face and head, figurately of course:

‘They ought not to be complaining about some people making a little more money getting a subsidy.’

People spend the money they get. Those McConnell favors already have enough for their basic and less-basic needs. Their money goes into some sort of investment. It is about time someone took the Senate Minority Leader to task. This is about people’s lives.

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