‘More Than’ Enough Evidence To Prosecute & Jail Trump Announced By His Former Lawyer


As Manhattan prosecutors in the office of District Attorney Cy Vance continue their criminal investigation of the Trump Organization, former longtime Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen says that the team has “more than” enough to bring a criminal charge against ex-President Donald Trump if investigators choose to pursue that route. Prosecutors have apparently been angling to flip Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg, who serves as the Trump family business’s Chief Financial Officer, but Cohen insisted during an appearance on MSNBC this week that prosecutors have enough to move against Trump with or without Weisselberg.

As Cohen put it:

‘In regard to the financial crimes that are being discussed right now in the investigation, many of which you have seen at my open testimony before the House Oversight Committee, it would certainly be helpful for Allen Weisselberg’s testimony, but it is not fatal to their investigation. Remember — they just obtained more than a million pages of documents, eight years worth of Mr. Trump’s and the Trump Organization’s tax returns. That’s the real roadmap there… You don’t need to charge him on 20 issues. All you need is one, and believe me — they have more than one.’

Cohen, who’s been interviewed by Vance’s team eight times, added that he’s of the opinion that indictments will emerge “very soon.” Watch below:

Cohen, as he mentioned, shared details of apparent criminal activity at the Trump Organization during an appearance before the House Oversight Committee. In short, he explained how the ex-president’s family business fraudulently manipulated valuations of its assets in order to obtain financial benefits like tax breaks. Vance’s investigation has included a look at properties ranging from the Trump Organization’s Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, New York, to the former president’s infamous Trump Tower in New York City, where he lived before becoming president and eventually moving his residence to Florida.

Weisselberg, Cohen noted, was a “party to” the hush money scheme targeting women with whom Trump had affairs that ended up landing Cohen in prison, although Cohen is currently on home confinement and is slated to remain there until November of this year. Trump publicly denigrated Cohen after the ex-Trump lawyer turned against the then-president.