FBI Captures Capitol Insurrectionist After He’s Caught Bragging Online


Some people just cannot resist posting photos of themselves on Facebook, even though they know at some level they should not. Former Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) posted X-rated shots of himself to underage girls, according to NBC New York. Bad idea. He ended up serving a four-year sentence and earned the lifetime label of sex offender. Then, there is Anthony Williams.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) received hundreds of thousands of tips about the January 6 traitorous act. Most importantly, its members have been combing through those tips. They are trying to match the many, many photos and videos people took during their attempted coup at Donald Trump’s behest with identities.

Of course, the FBI has facial recognition programs, but they still need information that will match it. Williams kindly provided that evidence to them. He posted all sorts of photos and videos showing him in the Capitol Building on his Facebook page. That was when the FBI had enough evidence so that its agents could arrest him.

The Southgate, Michigan man also posted plans to “storm the swamp” in the weeks before he traveled to D.C. According to a federal criminal complaint, he also said as The Michigan Live reported:

‘[It was the] proudest day of my life lol.’

Williams was the sixth man to be charged:

‘[With] obstruction of official proceedings, entering a restricted building, and disorderly conduct.’

It appears that Williams was having a grand old time. Throughout the day of the riot, he took both photos and videos of himself, according to Federal court records. He posed beside the statues in the Capitol Rotunda. In another video, he was outside of the Capitol Building and talking:

‘We took this f—–g building [and] pushed back the cops.’

The mob was intent upon halting the Electoral College vote count, which was primarily a housekeeping, ceremonial act.  Williams referred to himself as an “Operation Swamp Storm Veteran” on his Facebook page three days following January 6. As he and others occupied the U.S. Capitol building, Williams felt:

‘[T]he Founding Fathers [were] “smiling down on us.”’

On March 26, U.S. District Court Judge Kimberly Altman released the Michigan man on an unsecured bond of $10,000. He did have to surrender his passport and could not have a gun or other “dangerous weapon” during his case.

Williams posted several times about his intent to travel to Washington, D.C. in the months after the November presidential election. The Michigan man posted this, too:

‘Every lie will be revealed. ‘Americans’ who participated in fraudulent scheme to overthrow our duly elected president are TRAITORS. China orchestrated the attack and will pay severely for their transgression. American is a nation under a just GOD. Be prepared to #FightBack #HOLDTHELINE #Trump2020 #NoRetreatSurrender.’

The insurrectionist carried on a real travelogue as he was traveling from Michigan to Washington, D.C. When he was in Bedford County, Pennsylvania he took a photo of himself and captioned it Operation Storm the Swamp. Then, when he was at a sports pub in Arlington, Virginia, he posed with five other men on Facebook.

After the court released him, for reasons unknown, Williams was back on Facebook. This time he posted a news article where Trump claimed that the Capitol insurrectionists posed “zero threat” during a Fox News interview.

Williams even included a political cartoon of January 6. It showed a Trump supporter “opening the dome of the Capitol building to yell“ at former Vice President Mike Pence (R), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY):

‘Can you hear us now?’

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